How to customize cost-effective shopping mall kiosk?

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Nowadays, more and more people start their own business in the mall. As we all know people likes buying things in the mall as it consist more brand to meet our demand. So when we start business in the mall, how to customize cost-effective shopping mall kiosk?

Prepare for the business

Regarding custom shopping mall kiosk, our own requirements are the most important. Because all design and production are done according to special ideas. So we need to rent a place around 3m×3m or even a larger place, know the mall’s entry requirements. It’s better to make a floor plan and choose the one style for the mall kiosk, the style should match to the brand and products.

shopping mall kiosk

Choose a supplier to design and production

This is the most critical step, because suppliers need to provide custom kiosks service. Next, we need to make sure that the custom mall kiosk are of good quality and will last a long time.

There are 3 ways to check whether the supplier meets the requirements. First, going to the factory to see the quality, technology and display effect of the kiosks being produced in the workshop. This is the most intuitive and fastest but expensive way. However, we should view it as a long-distance tour to China. Second, checking their recent cases and kiosks that are being produced. We could see the production details through the video, which saves us money and identify good suppliers easily. Third, knowing cases in our own country. Of course it is not polite to ask for contact details, because they need to keep customer information confidential. Because when we buy things, we also don’t want our personal information to be leaked and interrupted at any time.

Start order and production

We need to let them know all our own idea about the mall kiosk, especially the size, color, material and detail. Then drawing the design and production.

Referring to cost-effective kiosk, we should not only focus on the price, but also high quality and service. We all know that price and value are matched. High-quality products and good services must be provided at a competitive price. Thank you for reading

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