How long does it take to customize a mall food kiosk?

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Christmas is coming soon. Are you going to open a mall food kiosk in the shopping center? Usually around Christmas is the best time for business, because people are preparing for this grand holiday. It’s the best time to operation a mall food kiosk at this time. Now you may concern about the time to customize a mall food kiosk. That’s many people worried about. Today, I will let you know the timetable about production, so that you will know the open time better.

Before customizing a food kiosk, we should know the exact dimensions in the shopping mall. If we owns a big place, we need to make a larger kiosk, therefore, the production need longer time.

For example, as a normal size food kiosk,it takes about a week to make a model, 5-7 business days to painting to the color based on customers needs, 2-4 days to connect wires, light, sink, cabinet doors, light box and add brand logo to the food kiosk. And 3 days to install the part of kiosk for you and confirm that all electric wires, sinks, etc. work properly. Before shipping, we will take 2-3 days to do the clean and package for the food kiosk. That means it takes about 20-25 days from production to finish. Usually, customers likes baking paint food kiosk, because it is very bright, smooth and high light the food you sell.

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If you owns a bigger store and the kiosk need complicated craftsmanship, it will take a longer time. Because, it need our workers pay more attention to the details when production. So when you owns a large place and need a large food kiosk, please leave at least 30 days for production. And don’t forget to leave enough time to confirm the design. Because when we finish your own kiosk design in 3 days, the design picture and details should get the mall approval before production. Some mall takes 3-5 days to view the design, but others takes a long time. It all depends.

We should also leave at least a month for the kiosk delivered to your country. If deliver by airplane, it only takes 1-2 weeks.

So please make sure we have enough time to receive the kiosk before opening. When you are not sure about the time to make your own kiosk, please contact us soon. Thank you

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