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When it comes to the outdoor kiosks, you may be familiar with the containers shop. Because of it like a shop, you can use it in the shop. And you can also decorate the outside. Put your logo or some advertising pictures. But I want to say, the outdoor kiosk is also nice, and its function is not inferior to the container. The common size of a container is 20ft, 40ft. But the size of the outdoor kiosk can be customized, generally only the width of the requirements. We can do the outdoor kiosk in one piece or in several parts. Let’s start with the detachable outdoor kiosk.

This one size is 10x10ft/3x3m. Considering that its width cannot be loaded into a container during transportation, we must divide it into several parts to make and package. This kiosk is selling ice cream, its size is relatively small, so the space inside is very limited. There was only a cash register, an ice cream machine and a row of counters in the back. The sales window is opposite the ice cream machine and counter. Where people can place orders and pick up the ice cream directly. The windows have two levels of doors, a sliding glass door on the inside and a folding door on the outside. Double protect. So it is very safe when you put your product in outdoor at night. In summer, if you feel very hot inside, you can install air conditioning inside. It like a small shop, it can resist the sun and heavy rain. Anything you need can be included. Since it is unpacked, it needs to be installed after receiving the goods. If you want to use it after you receive the goods, you can try this one.

This one size is 17x7ft/5x2m. This size is large, almost the size of a container. It’s not detachable. It has a large display window. At the top and back are promotional lightbox paintings. People can see your product and know what you do. You can also offer services to passing drivers, and our window level can be set lower. Its door was also a folding door, which was very strong. There are still some counters in there and you can put some machines in there because we also provide power outlets. We ship this type of kiosk in one piece, so we will install everything, and you can use it directly after you receive the goods. It is cheaper than a container. And it looks really nice. The drawings may not look very realistic, but let’s look at the actual drawings.

If you are interested in to make an outdoor kiosk, you can contact us. We will according to all your requirements to design the kiosk.

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