How much does it cost to start a eyebrow threading kiosk in mall?

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Mention of the eyebrow threading service,we are all very familiar. It’s one of the beauty salon service. It mainly for eye-brow shaping. Eyebrow tattooing and embroidered eyebrow.

Not only is it popular with women, but more and more men are getting into the eyebrow industry. In a word. The consumer population is very huge.

Are you plan to start a eyebrow threading kiosk? are you still worried don’t know the cost of build a eyebrow threading kiosk ? Here you will find what you want.

1. The cost of rent.

Start the business in shopping mall. It not need so big, usually is 3x3m, 4x3m, 6x3m. it can do 3-6 seats for eyebrow threading service. With cashier counter, waiting area and wash sink counter.

Rents a Store in the commercial street. Usually the store size will be more than 20sqm. Maybe you can consider do more beauty service, such as beauty nail. Makeup, skin care and more. This may increase your budget.

2. The kiosk cost.

The kiosk cost based on the size and style, usually a 3m by 3m eyebrow threading kiosk the cost is about 6500-8000usd.

Usually the eyebrow threading kiosk is made of Wood. It’s MDF or plywood. The surface will do baking painting and laminate finished. It can add some solid wood, colorful acrylic and lights decoration. It can customized based on your like.

3. Equipment cost.

In order to provide a good service to the guests, it is necessary to buy some high-quality eyebrow threading tools. Such as eyebrow pencil , eyebrow brush, cleaning tools, ethyl alcohol and more.

4. Shipping cost.

Shipping the whole kiosk from china is about need 900-3000usd. Different distances will have different transportation costs. It can delivery the cargo to your seaport or direct given address.

5. Tax cost.

If you choose import the kiosk from China. It will be produce a 10% -25% tax cost. This is according to your country’s standard.

6. Business operating cost.

You need consider the labor cost, advertising cost and others. Set aside some spare funds, To ensure the normal operation of the store.  

If you’re interested to customized a eyebrow threading kiosk, please contact us here!

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