What is the method of different kinds of logo installation?

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In previous articles, we have explained the types of logos in detail, see the link for details.(https://uniquekiosk.com/10-tips-logotypes-choose-for-mall-retail-kiosk-build-unique2019/?preview_id=15556&preview_nonce=bdee75563a&preview=true&_thumbnail_id=15560)

So today, we will talk about various logos and their respective features also the installation methods. I hope it will be helpful for you.

The first one is Acrylic not lighted logo.

This kind of logo is the cheapest and easiest to install. To install the logo, simply apply a glass silicone to the bottom and paste it onto the top of the kiosk. Suitable for logos that are too small to shine. Or if your kiosk already has a lot of lighted logos, you can choose this kind of logo to avoid overlighting the overall effect.

The second one is Acrylic hollow out logo.

For this kind of logo, we need to make a hollow board in advance, and then glue the hollow board onto the kiosk. In the back is a white acrylic board, and in the back of the acrylic board we will install the Led strip light. That way, the logo will be lighted when we put it on.

The third is the 3D lighted logo.

This logo is the most expensive and the most effective. You can choose the front light and the back light, and the side color can be customized according to your requirements. There will be wires on the back of the Logo, so we need to punch holes in the corresponding places of kiosks, glue them with silicone and then put the wires through finally connect them to other wires.

The last one is the neon logo.

This kind of logo is very suitable for hanging on the wall.  There will be a piece of transparent acrylic at the bottom with the logo text on it. After lighting up, only the text of the logo will be seen. The installation method is very simple, do not need to punch holes in the wall. Just need to glue it on the wall with transparent wire directly connected to the store power supply.

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