How to install the kiosk flooring in the mall?

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In general, if you are open a kiosk in a mall, you will be given a space of a fixed size. So some shopping malls will require tenants to install flooring to make it more beautiful , and another function is to mark the area that you’re renting.

So when we help customers customize kiosks, we can also provide a flooring if they want. The size of the flooring depends on the size of the kiosk that the mall gives you. We will allocate the flooring size of each part according to the total size.

For example, if the size of kiosk is 3x2m, we will divide the flooring into 4 pieces, 1×1.5m for each part, so the total is 1×1.5m x4 = 6 square meters.

If the overall size is larger, each part of the flooring size will be larger. In order to reduce the weight and reduce the gap. Such as, the customer’s exhibition stalll is located at 4x8m, so our engineers divided it into 10 parts, each part 2×1.6m, and a total of 2×1.6m x 10 is equal to 32 square meters.

Please see the following pictures of our customer feedback for your reference:

Flooring material:

Plywood +PVC floor + stainless steel trim

Flooring colors:

We usually choose wood colors, which can be used with different kiosks. (if you have other color requirements, please let us know, and we will try our best to meet your needs.) Please see the following color samples for your reference :

Flooring installation:

Our workers will install the flooring in the factory and then pack it separately. You can use it directly after you receive it, just splice it together. If you want to walk the wire on the floor, we’ll punch the hole for you. We’ll punch holes in the four corners of the floor to make room for the wires at the bottom. This way you can hide the wire inside the flooring and connect it to the kiosk’s main power supply.

We will set the slope at the exit. Usually it is stainless steel, and if you want it antislip, we can make the antislip strip for you. This way can play a role in anti-slip, to prevent guests from accidentally falling.

I hope this article can help you get some ideas about kiosk flooring. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


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