Kiosk material — what are the difference between the laminate and veneer

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Usually if there is a set of kiosk with wooden color, then it is not possible to use ordinary baking paint to complete. So under normal circumstances, we have three options, laminate, veneer or solid wood. The production process and price of these three different materials are also different. Today I’m going to go into detail about the fireproof and veneer.

Material description:

Laminate: It is named HPL(Decorative High-pressure Laminate.)Its advantages are beautiful color, pattern selection, wear resistance, high temperature, easy to clean, waterproof, moistureproof.

Veneer: Decorative veneer referred to decorative panels. It is the real wood precision plane cut into the thickness of 0.2 mm above the thin wood skin, with plywood as the substrate. After the gluing process produced with a single decorative role of the decorative plate.

These two materials both can be used in our customized commercial furniture. ( Unique kiosk ). Material of laminate, its production flow is, with plywood as the basic material, and surface finishing with the laminate. There is no need to do other surface treatment to complete. There are many kinds of colors, especially wood. But there is a small disadvantage. That is, after finished the kiosk, there will be a black line between the two boards. This is formed by the patchwork between the two boards, but now in order to make the kiosk look more beautiful, we have replaced some small-area patchwork with fireproof board strips of similar color, please see the following picture.


And for the material of decorative veneer. This material can use the plywood or MDF as the basic material. Surface with 1 layer of decorative veneer first, then painting varnish. (There are two kinds of varnish, gloss varnish and matte varnish). The display cabinet made of this material has no seam and with the effect of solid wood, which is very beautiful. So the price is a little more expensive than laminate.


If you have any questions about the kiosk material of laminate and veneer, please feel free to contact us. Customize the kiosk, we are the professionals!


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