What are the requirements for opening a pharmacy

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pharmacy store design

With the development and progress of society, people’s living standards are gradually improved, and people’s health awareness is also constantly improved. More and more people begin to pay attention to their own health care. At the same time, the demand for pharmaceuticals and health care products is constantly increasing, and the consumption market of pharmaceuticals is also gradually expanding. This undoubtedly ushered in a high-speed development opportunity for retail drugstores, and opening a drugstore has become a good choice for entrepreneurs to invest in projects. As the item with higher demand for professional knowledge, what condition does opening drugstore need?

Medicine is different from general merchandise. In a big way, medicine is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. At the same time, we need to find a shop and decorate it as our pharmacy.

Personnel qualification

Pharmacies must have legally qualified pharmaceutical technicians.The person in charge of the quality of the pharmaceutical retail trade should be a pharmaceutical technician with the professional title of pharmacist or above.Within the business hours of the drugstore, the person in charge of reviewing or dispensing prescriptions must be a registered licensed pharmacist. If there are Chinese herbal medicine slices, a registered Chinese pharmacist is also required.And the personnel engaged in drug storage, acceptance, maintenance, business and so on should obtain the certificate of professional technical level.In addition, employees should be under the age of 65.

pharmacy store furniture

Business premises

A pharmacy shall have a business place, equipment, storage facilities and a hygienic environment suitable for the drugs it deals in.In the city to open a drug store, the business space is not less than 40 square meters, the warehouse is not less than 20 square meters;If the drugstore that opens in the countryside, do not make a requirement to the warehouse, but business place needs to be above 20 square metre.

We need to carefully design our stores, display cabinets for the purchase or customization of drugs, storage cabinets for drugs, as well as storage cabinets for traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy cashier and so on.

Business license

Want to open a drugstore, need a lot of certificates, besides “drug trade license”, “medical equipment trade license” outside, still need to deal with business license, sanitation license, health care, tax registration card. Pharmacy certificate is more difficult, operators can choose to join the chain stores, so as to quickly enter the pharmaceutical retail market.

Abide by the rules and regulations

For the drug trade, the operators must operate in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Need to have sufficient fund reserve

The design and decoration of the whole pharmacy and the decoration and custom of the counters and storage racks in the drugstore will cost us a certain amount of money. Most importantly, we need to wholesale different drugs to be displayed in our store, which will be our highest cost expenditure.

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pharmacy store design
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