Laminated wooden mall kiosk for jewelry and watch retail

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Laminate is a new type of surface decoration material which is used more and more at present. Because of its bright colors, many choices of patterns, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof, moisture resistance and other characteristics, it has become the leader of custom showcases and furniture.More and more people prefer to choose laminate as their mall kiosk surface finish.

Before order a mall kiosk, many customers will ask about the production time, we will tell them as usually need 22-25 workdays. Some customers couldn’t understand, why a kiosk production need so long? Here I want to introduce you the laminated finished kiosk production process and time, then you will understand.

The first step prepare the panels and materials: (2-5 days)

The first step is to cut and prepare the basic plates needed to make the wooden cabinet according to the size of the drawing.after drawing confirmed,then we will send drawing to workshop,the workers will follow drawing to cut materials.

Make the kiosk wood body(10 days)

After materials prepared then workers will follow drawing structure to fix the panels together and create the wood bodies.This progress as usually need 10 days.

Finish the surface laminate (about 5 days)

After wood body all finished, workers will cover the surface used laminate.Because we all made by hand, to ensure the workmanship,we will do very carefully.So finish all the surface will need about 5 days.

Assemble the kiosk–4 days

After surface finished, the kiosk will sent to installation workshop. We will go wires, and install sockets, then install doors, locks, handles. After finish these, we will assemble logos, lights, menus, glasses and sinks if have. Before load we will finish all assemble and put all counters in right position follow design, then take photos and video for you see the effect.

Pack the kiosk-1 days

After assemble finished, we will pack the kiosk. Considering shipping, the kiosk will be divided into several pieces, we will number them then use a durable wood box to pack them. Firstly we will clean the surface, then use Pearl cotton to protect all corners, use Foam board cover the surface, then put in the wood box.

So you can see, we need to do one step by one step, each step need enough time to ensure give you nice work. So the whole progress will need about 22-25 days. If you ready to open a kiosk, before you start, you need to calculate the time schedule, leave enough time for production and shipping will be better.

Well, after read this page, have you got any idea about the production progress and time for a mall kiosk? If you ready to a kiosk business, the first step as usual is to do a design plan with drawing for mall approval. Because design and get approval also need time, so you can start with a kiosk design. We are a company specializing in customized kiosks, have our design team and factory, from design to production to shipping, we can supply you the whole set of service!

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  • Danny

    This is a beautiful jewelry kiosk concept, i want to used it as a Vape retail kiosk . May i know how much the price and how long to produce it ?

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