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VR Kiosk in mall is Virtual Reality kiosk . It’s an experience kiosk where people can feel and experience Virtual Reality technology. VR kiosk is a new born business ideas in mall . But soon become very popular everywhere.

VR Booth manufacturer

How to build a VR kiosk in mall?  Because VR booth is an experienced kiosk, not like a retail kiosk. So A successful VR experience kiosk must have a unique design with an advanced super modern feeling, Must have the future element. Unique Kiosk can provide you such a kiosk with direct factory price.

We design Virtual Reality experience kiosk in an organic and soft style, So the material used to build the kiosk much have this character. MDF is the best choice to do this, We use plywood to make the structure of kiosk. And surface applied with MDF. then polish it and finished clear coating.

How much is a high-quality VR booth? Since for experience need big space for a VR machine, not too much space left for display and decoration. So a VR kiosk price is not high. the price is range from a 2000USD-6000USD base on different kiosk size.

Here blow are some Virtual Reality Booth we done before .you can check and have a ideas of how kiosk look like.

Why choose Unique build Mall Kiosk for you ?

The delicate job needs to leave to professional teams. We are the right Sevice kiosk manufacturer that you are looking for.

1, We are direct kiosk manufacturer, No middle man, No trading company, we provide the best Virtual Reality kiosk price.

2, we are expert on VR kiosk building, we have done several projects before.

3, Free Mall kiosk design service. Tell us what you need and we will make you a unique kiosk.

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