USA Mall Stand VR Experience Kiosk Design with Best Price For Sale

VR kiosk in the shopping mall becoming a new growing business idea. With the development of new technology, the VR experience is becoming a fashion. And to open a VR kiosk in the shopping mall center is such a cool idea to do this business. Meanwhile, you can also sell some high-tech products. So in the beginning, we need to make a customize 3d design first.

VR experience mall kiosk design:

This is a VR kiosk open in the shopping mall center. We can customize the VR kiosk with your location size. If you get a location in the shopping mall, it is 10x10ft, we can make it 10x10ft. And if you get a location the shopping mall, it is 10x15ft, we can make it 10x15ft. But it is not mean the price of 10x15ft size will expensive than 10x10ft size. Because the price is based on the quantity and the size of each display furniture. If your location size is 10x15ft, but you don’t need many display showcases, you just want a cash counter and some small display counters. Then the price we will quote with the price and the design of this furniture.



What is the material of this VR kiosk?

For the VR kiosk, we usually will use MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) as the basic material. This is a wood material for commercial furniture and it can use to make any shape of the showcase.

MDF can produce plates of different thicknesses, ranging from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters. At the same time, MDF can also replace plates of any thickness. It has good mechanical processing properties, whether it is drilling, Sawing, slotting, etc. can be processed, and the surface is quite smooth after processing.

Surface finishing of the VR kiosk we will use very good baking paint. We will make 5 times base coat and 2 times finishing coat. Before we paint the kiosk, we will send the Pantone color sample for you to choose the color. And we will send the color picture to you for your final check before we paint it. This VR kiosk is light blue color baking paint and white color baking paint. And with the blue lighted acrylic. We can also add your brand logo to the kiosk.

How to start the 3d design of the VR kiosk?

So the first step is to start the 3d design of the VR kiosk to see the effect. We need to make it in 3d and then you can see the effect. Our design team will make a new 3d design model with your mall location size and if you have the brand logo we can add it on. For the 3d design of the VR kiosk, we will charge a 300$ design deposit. But it will deduct from the total cost of the VR kiosk when you order, so actually, it is for free.

We will send the 3d design of the VR kiosk to you within 3-5 working days. If you check the design and have some comments about our design, please feel free to talk with us. Our design team will change the design and send it to you. You can send the design to the shopping mall center for approval.

Before we start the production of the VR kiosk, we will make and send the construction drawing for you.

Customize the VR kiosk, we are the best and professionals, please contact us any time to get start for your business. Email us at sales08@uniquekiosk.com, thank you very much.

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