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Heart of beauty in everyone. With the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. More and more people are keen on the beauty industry. Just like we can see all kinds of beauty salon kiosks full of people in the mall. The common beauty salon kiosks include nail kiosks, hair kiosks, teeth whitening kiosks, eyebrow threading kiosks, makeup kiosks, and skin care kiosks.

An outstanding beauty salon kiosk not only has its own practical functions but also has a beautiful and unique appearance. Otherwise, it can attract customers’ attention and give people a good impression. Today I want to share with you three classic eyebrow threading kiosks.

Elegant eyebrow threading kiosk with golden stainless steel

From the picture, we can see its main colors are black and gold. And the countertop has black frame decoration. The overall look is very beautiful and elegant. The showcase is equipped with three seats with eyebrow thread, mirrors and lightboxes, several glass display cabinets and a cash register. In particular, the golden stainless steel of the showcase is shining under the illumination of the light. It is very textured and noble.

Stylish eyebrow threading kiosk with floor

The size of this kiosk is 4m by 3m, and the color is black and white. It has a checkout counter, a sink, a logo card and some light boxes. This kiosk looks very simple. But actually it is quite special. There are four tables and chairs for eyebrow threading are set at the corners. This design is not only unique and convenient, but also saves space. And making the showcase more spacious.

Wooden eyebrow threading kiosk with nail service

The basic tones of the entire kiosk are white and gray. And the surface is decorated with white and dark red solid wood strips. This is an eyebrow threading kiosk that can use for eyebrow threading and nail art. It has three tables and chairs for eyebrow threading, a double-sided nail table, and a waiting area. Also, the eyebrow threading kiosk has a check stand and some lightboxes for promotion.

The three classic eyebrow threading kiosks above are very popular. As you can see, they all have exclusive styles, beautiful appearance, and different features. If you want to make an eyebrow threading kiosk, they will be a good reference.

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