How to choose an LED light for kiosk decoration

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As we all know, an excellent showcase not only has a unique style and beautiful shape but also has charming lighting effects. Just as we often attract by those dazzling neon lights. How to make your kiosk have charming lighting effects? Usually, the lighting effect of the showcase is achieved through the use of led lights. So you need to choose a suitable LED light decoration for your showcase.

Led lights are a kind of environmentally friendly and safe common lamps. It has many advantages. Such as high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, sturdiness and durability, and long service life. Led lights often use in various showcases. The following are various LED lighting commonly use in showcases.

Led light strip

Led lights divide into flexible led lights and hard led lights. The flexible led strip is very soft and bendable. It is easy to make all kinds of graphics and text. And it often uses for the lightbox and bottom of the showcase. In this way, the whole kiosk will have a good visual effect. Hard led strips usually match the slots on the aluminum alloy lamp holder. It is very easy to fix and install. Commonly used in glass display cabinets for jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and mobile phones.

In addition, LED lights have cold light and warm light. Led cold light lamps often use in silver and jewelry showcases. And the led warm light lamps mostly use in gold and food kiosks.

Acrylic led light

This is a light made of acrylic and white led strips. We make some special shapes on the kiosk surface. And place acrylic panels and led light bars on the back. After turning on the power, the whole kiosk emits bright lights. It is very dazzling.

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The spotlight has good color, soft light, and good focusing performance. And it can adjust the angle of illumination. Spotlight usually use in the showcase interior to better highlight the product characteristics. Also, it can be used at the top of the showcase. So that it makes the whole kiosk very bright and attractive.

Beauty lamp

This type of lighting is suitable for most beauty salon kiosks. Such as hairdressing kiosks, nail art kiosks, eyebrow threading kiosks, etc. We can install led tube and adjustable led ceiling light on the showcase. This makes the light more concentrated and bright. And it is convenient to provide better services to customers. At the same time, the kiosk also has a good decorative effect.

After reading the common led lighting above, we learn that different kiosks use different led lightings. And good and suitable led lighting makes your kiosk more distinctive and attractive. You can choose the right led light according to your kiosk and product features.

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