How to make frozen yogurt kiosk attractive?

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Are you going to start a yogurt business with a frozen yogurt kiosk? It is a good idea. Now it is very popular to open kiosks in the mall. Just like we see various showcases in the mall. All mall kiosks have their own characteristics. And they are very attractive. So how to make your yogurt kiosk better and more attractive? This is a question worth pondering.

For making a yogurt showcase in a mall, you first need to understand the relevant regulations of the mall. And then find a location for your yogurt kiosk. What’s more, determine all the design ideas of the yogurt kiosk. Including the style and decoration of the yogurt showcase. Finally, customize an exclusive yogurt kiosk according to your requirements.

Among them, the style and decoration of the yogurt showcase are particularly important. Because of the unique style and beautiful decoration will make your yogurt kiosk more outstanding and attractive. Here are some ideas to make your yogurt showcase better and more attractive. They can be for your reference.

Logo and lightbox

A special and beautiful logo not only represents your product and promotes your idea, but can also easily attract customers’ attention and leave a deep impression. You can find a designer to design a logo with a special shape for you. Preferably with lighting effects. And add some lightboxes with promotional posters. Such as the yogurt kiosk below. It is very beautiful and attractive.

Style and tone

The overall style of the yogurt showcase expresses the commercial culture and creates a specific atmosphere. And the unique style will make your yogurt kiosk more outstanding and attractive. For example, if you choose a modern and simple style for yogurt kiosk, it is not only simple. Instead, use refined design to express deeper connotations. And highlight your product features and uniqueness. Also, your yogurt kiosk will give people a sense of fashion.

The tone of the yogurt showcase depends on the color combination. For example, I like purple and white. So I can use them as the base tone of my yogurt kiosk. And combine it with the overall style of the yogurt showcase. Therefore, the final result is a lovely and elegant effect.

Layout and shape

A suitable layout is convenient for you and your customers. And it can make good use of the space. Usually, the yogurt kiosk includes a workbench, a display counter, a cash register, a sink, and some machines. If your budget is sufficient, you can make a larger yogurt showcase. In this way, in addition to the necessary counters, you can also set up tables and chairs for customers. So that customers can sit to taste and rest here.

The layout of these counters can be arranged according to the actual size and your preferences. For example, you can divide the yogurt showcase into two areas. One is the work area and the other is the client area.

As for the shape of the yogurt kiosk, it can design according to the overall style and your ideas. A special kiosk shape can easily catch people’s eyes. There are some common yogurt kiosk shapes. Like square yogurt showcases, rectangular yogurt kiosks, curved yogurt kiosks, trapezoidal yogurt kiosks, etc.

These are some ideas to make your frozen yogurt kiosk attractive. When you are going to start a business with a frozen yogurt kiosk, you can use them as a reference. Then add your ideas to design and make a unique and attractive frozen yogurt kiosk.

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