How much does it cost to open a retail kiosk?

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When it comes to starting a business, many people’s first impression is to open a store. Actually, it’s not all businesses need to open a store. Now, most people prefer to build retail kiosks to start their business. Frankly speaking, this is a very good way.

Compared with shops, retail kiosks are more suitable for people who want to do small businesses. In addition, the cost of a retail kiosk is not high. And it can make money back in a short time. What’s more, the retail kiosk is also very convenient to use in life. Do you know how much it costs to open a retail kiosk?

In fact, opening a retail kiosk involves several parts of the cost. They are the location rental cost, making the retail kiosk cost, products and related equipment cost, and business operations cost. And if you are importing retail kiosks from China, you also need to consider transportation and tax costs. Below is a detailed introduction to these costs.

Location rent cost

Usually, before opening a retail kiosk, you need to choose a location for it. The location is up to you. You can set the retail kiosk in the mall or outdoors. At this time you need to pay rent for the retail kiosk location.

If you plan to open a retail kiosk in the mall, it does not need to be too big. The common sizes of retail kiosks in shopping malls are 3m by 3m, 4m by 3m, 6m by 4m. And the retail kiosk usually has some counters for work, some display counters for the product, and a cashier counter. Of course, the demand for specific counters depends on your retail kiosk.

As the nail kiosk below. This nail kiosk has six nail tables, five chairs for a pedicure, a multi-layer display cabinet for nail polish, a sink counter, and a checkout counter.

Making the retail kiosk cost

The price of a retail kiosk depends on its size and style. For example, a 3x3m nail kiosk costs about 6500-8000 USD. For the nail kiosk, it generally makes by wood. It can be MDF as the substrate, and then the surface is baking varnish. Or use plywood as the base material and fireproof board as surface treatment. The nail kiosk can also add some solid wood, colorful acrylic, and some lighting. All in all, retail kiosks can customize according to your size and style. Similarly, the price is determined by them.

Products and related equipment cost

Usually, open a retail kiosk, you need to determine the source of goods. Then according to your budget to determine the purchased quantity of the product. And you need to purchase related equipment for your retail kiosk. For example, a baked ice cream retail kiosk needs to buy some raw materials. Like ice cream powder, concentrated fruit juice, jam, chocolate powder, milk tea powder, condensed milk, fresh fruits, cream, various sugars, etc. In addition, you need to purchase related equipment. Like ice cream machine, ice shaver, smoothie machine, sealing machine, ice maker, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, etc.

Transportation and tax costs

If you choose to customize a retail kiosk in China, this needs certain transportation and tax charges. For the cost of transportation, it takes about 900-3000 USD to transport the entire retail kiosk from China. Of course, the exact shipping costs determined by your destination and shipping method. It can transport the retail kiosk to your designated port or specific location. As for tax costs, this will generate 10%-25% of tax costs. Also, the specific tax cost is based on the standards of your country or region.

Business operations cost

Before opening, you need to recruit staff for your retail kiosk and promote your product. During this period, there will be some labor costs and publicity costs. And in order to ensure the normal operation of the retail kiosk, you also need to reserve some spare funds.

This is about the cost of opening a retail kiosk. If you plan to open a retail kiosk, you can freely tell us. We can design and customize a new retail kiosk for you according to your requirements.

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