Why use baking paint for a mall kiosk surface

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Usually, there are two surface treatments for the mall kiosks. One is to stick a fireproof board, and the other is to bake paint. Most showcases with fireproof boards on the surface are food kiosks. Also, there are many mall kiosks with baking paint surfaces. Such as jewelry showcases, mobile phone showcases, cosmetics showcases, beauty salon kiosks, etc. Different surface treatments have different functions. Today I would like to share with you the reason why use baking paint for the mall kiosk surface.

About baking varnish

In fact, baking varnish is not only a kind of paint, but also a new spray paint production method in the production of mall kiosks.

Generally, the surface baking process of mall kiosk is based on MDF(Medium density fiberboard). The surface has been sanded and scraped many times with putty. Then apply three primers and two topcoats and dry. After drying, it is baked at high temperature and polished. This process currently requires high paint and good color rendering.

The baking varnish divides into three types: bright baking varnish, matt baking varnish and metal baking varnish. Most of the mall showcases are bright paint. Because mall kiosks with bright paint are generally bright in color. And this is easy to attract people’s attention.

Advantages of mall kiosks with baking varnish

After the surface coating of the baking varnish plate is cured, all aspects of the coating will become higher. Such as stability, durability, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness. The mall kiosks made of it are sturdy and durable, have a strong anti-fouling ability. The surface is waterproof and moisture-proof, does not leak oil, and does not fade. And the general mall kiosks with baking paint do not need edge sealing. This can save unnecessary consumption.

The mall kiosks with baking paint are high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly and extremely easy to clean. There are many ways to clean it. Such as tea cleaning, milk cleaning, white vinegar cleaning, toothpaste cleaning and so on. It is very simple and convenient.

The mall kiosks with baking varnish have a smooth surface and a very good mirror effect. And its color is full and gorgeous, and the overall look is full of extravagance. This will give people a strong visual impact. Just like the eyebrow kiosk below. The black paint surface is matched with the golden lightbox frame and luminous led lights. Making looks luxurious and noble as a whole. Doesn’t it?

eyebrow table

Mall showcases with baking varnish are currently one of the most popular display furniture. It is not only fashionable and beautiful, but the quality is also very good. After reading this article, I believe that you have learned about the reason why use baking paint for the mall kiosk surface. And if you want to learn more about other information about mall kiosks, you can freely tell us.

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