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As the saying goes, the sink is the heart of the kitchen. According to statistics, the sink has the highest usage rate of all kinds of supplies in the kitchen. Similarly, the sink is also a necessary facility for food cabinets and some salon kiosks. We can use the sink to clean some food and items. It is very convenient. So how to choose a suitable and beautiful sink with good performance for your showcase?

First of all, we need to learn the types and styles of sinks. According to the material, the sink can divide into steel enamel sink, ceramic sink, artificial stone sink, crystal stone sink, stainless steel sink, etc. Currently, most people choose stainless steel sinks for their showcases. Because stainless steel sinks are affordable, look very textured and modern. More importantly, it is easy to clean, the panel is thin and light. And it also has the some advantages. Such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and moisture resistance. Therefore, stainless steel sinks widely use in various showcases.

It is not enough to choose stainless steel sinks for your display cabinet. You also need to choose a sink style that matches the cabinet. Usually there are six styles of stainless steel sinks. They are single tank type, double tank type, three tank type, wing type, corner type and multi-function type. Below is a detailed introduction of various sink styles. According to their features, you can choose a suitable stainless steel sink.

Single tank stainless steel sink

The single-tank stainless steel sink has different sizes. Generally, a large single-tank sink is convenient for cleaning large tableware. And can complete the work of washing and cutting vegetables at one time. It has many advantages. For example, it has a unique and user-friendly drain design, built-in large stainless steel trash can, large water filtration capacity, easy to clean up garbage, and anti-odor and anti-blocking. If your showcase is a fast food kiosk, it is very good to choose it.

stainless steel sink

Double tank stainless steel sink

This style of sink has two tanks. It can be one large and one small. Or it can be of the same size. Double tank sinks are common in life. It can clean different kinds of things separately, easy to use and clean thoroughly. If you want to save water and time, choose it.

Three-tank stainless steel sink

Literally, it is a sink with three tanks. Its design space is larger. You can choose the size of the three tanks arbitrarily. For example, one large tank and two small tanks. When we use it, we can wash, soak and drain different kinds of things at the same time. It is very efficient. In order to play a great role, the three-tank stainless steel sink is often suitable for larger display cabinets.

Wing stainless steel sink

This is a sink with a small work area. In the small work area, you can place some things to be cleaned or cleaned. Such as vegetables, fruits and meat. This is very convenient. And it is very popular in some countries in Europe and America. If you like this style of sink, you can choose it.

Corner stainless steel sink

This kind of sink has a special shape and generally use for corners. If your display cabinet is over-used and there is no place for a sink, you can consider this corner stainless steel sink. It has sufficient space for use, convenient and unique. And make the countertop more spacious and clean.

Multi-function stainless steel sink

This is a multifunctional sink. In order to satisfy different customer groups, it can be multi-style. For example, a stainless steel sink with a knife holder and trash can. This greatly facilitates our operations and makes us more worry-free and effortless. And this multi-function stainless steel sink is very compatible with food showcases.

After reading the detailed information of the sink above, I believe you have a certain learning of the types and styles for sinks. In fact, the key to choosing a suitable sink lies in its own characteristics. And it should match your display cabinet.

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