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Recently, many people have been asking a question. That is how to open a sunglasses kiosk in the mall. The current glasses industry is very promising. Many people want to start their business with a glasses kiosk. And the mall is their first choice.

Generally, there is a process for opening a sunglasses kiosk in the mall. First, from market research, eyewear brands selection, determining the mall location, to making a sunglasses kiosk according to the mall requirements. And finally opening on time. It seems very simple. But you need to be patient and do enough preparations. And you need to pay special attention to a point. Your sunglasses showcase needs to comply with the mall requirements. How to do this? Usually you need to seriously consider the following three key points.


Three key points to consider

Firstly, the height of the sunglasses showcase. A general glasses store has walls all around. So it has wall cabinets to display glasses. But sunglasses kiosks of mall are different. The position of the mall sunglasses kiosk is basically not against the wall. And the shopping mall has requirements for the height of the sunglasses showcase. Therefore, you need to know these situations from the mall in advance. And select the appropriate height of the sunglasses kiosk.

Secondly, color matching. The tone style of the sunglasses showcase is very important. If your sunglasses kiosk has a suitable color combination and unique style, you will stand out from the surrounding display showcases. And attract more customers for you.

Thirdly, the choice of sunglasses kiosk type. The mall is a relatively open environment. Therefore, in the choice of sunglasses showcase, it should be more inclined to open kiosk. This also makes it easy for customers to choose their favorite sunglasses. In addition, some details need to note, such as security issues. If your sunglasses kiosk is with drawers or doors, you need to add some locks for them. In this way, your sunglasses showcase has security.

After reading the above three key points, you will find it is better to customize a sunglasses kiosk. In this way, you can customize an exclusive and unique sunglasses showcase according to the mall requirements. The following is the detailed process of customizing a sunglasses kiosk.

Process of custom a sunglasses kiosk

  • You need to contact us to say your specific requirements for the sunglasses kiosk. Like the size, color, style, logo etc.
  • Our designers will create and modify the 3D design for you according to your requirements. And the design deposit is 300USD. But it will deduct from the total cost when you place an order. Actually it is free.
  • The design will take 3-5 working days to finish after we received the design deposit.
  • When you determined the 3D design, our designer will make a construction drawing for you.
  • After confirming all the relevant details, and we received 50% production deposit, we will start to manufacture the sunglasses kiosk.
  • During and after production, we will take photos and videos of the sunglasses showcase for you. Let you check that everything is good.
  • We make package for sunglasses kiosk. Meanwhile, you need to arrange the 50% production balance.
  • When we received the production balance, we will arrange fast and punctual transportation for you. And we provide you with technique guide service.

This is all tips of opening a sunglasses kiosk in the mall. I hope these are helpful to you.

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