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Nowadays, doing business is very popular. Whether it is food business, jewelry business, clothing business or other business, most people choose to start their business with a kiosk. Some of them start in the mall, and some start outdoors. Therefore, common commercial kiosks include shopping mall kiosks and outdoor kiosks. And they usually choose to custom make a unique and beautiful kiosk. If you want to make an ice cream kiosk, do you know how to customize it?

The usual process of customizing an ice cream kiosk is: first make an ice cream design, and then place an order with a reliable supplier. The following is the detailed process of custom ice cream display kiosk.

Make a design for ice cream kiosk

Before design, you need to find a location for ice cream kiosk. whether in a shopping mall or outdoor anywhere you select. Then measure the location size and determine the exact size of the ice cream kiosk. So that it is convenient to make a floor plan. More importantly, you need to have some design ideas about this ice cream kiosk. For example, I want a trapezoidal ice cream kiosk. Its overall style is modern and attractive. In addition to the work counter, I also want two bar counters for customers, etc.

After determining these design ideas, you can tell us all your requirements at will. Then we will make a design for you according to your needs. For the design, its deposit is 300 USD. But it will deduct from the total amount when you place an order. In fact, it is free. After we received the design deposit, we will make a 3D design for you. In this way, you can see the actual effect of your ice cream kiosk in the design. And the design time is within 3-5 working days.

Of course, our designers also modify it if you have some changes for the design. For example, I want to add an ice cream machine and a sink to the countertop. If these changes are reasonable and achievable, these can add for you in the design. This needs us to further discuss to determine all the design details. Finish the 3D design, and you also like and confirm it, we will make a construction drawing for you. It is a more detailed drawing. It includes the exact size of all counters for ice cream kiosk, materials used at the counters. And sequence of making the kiosk.

Place an order for ice cream kiosk

When you confirm the construction drawing, it is time to produce. Before the production, there is a 50% production deposit needs to pay. After receiving the production deposit, we will start to produce the ice cream kiosk as the construction drawing. For the production time, it will take about 25-28 working days. So you need to be patient. Of course, during the production period, we will also take some photos for you. In this way, you can clearly know where the kiosk is in production.

After completing the production, we will assemble this ice cream kiosk as a whole. Also we will take the overall rendering and video of it for you. So that you can check that everything is good. Then we will pack the ice cream showcase. And our package is foam inside and wooden box outside. At the same time, 50% balance needs to pay. When we received the balance, we will arrange transportation for you. Usually the shipping time is within 25-28 working days. Of course, the specific delivery time depends on your destination and shipping method.

When you receive this ice cream kiosk, you only need to connect them together and plug in the power supply. Then you can use it directly. It is very simple and convenient. This is the detailed process of customizing an ice cream kiosk. I hope it can help you. And if you have other questions of customizing ice cream kiosk, please contact us. We will provide you with professional answers and suggestions.

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