Three basic concepts of jewelry kiosk design

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Three basic concepts of jewelry kiosk design. When designing a jewelry kiosk in mall or find nice unique jewelry kiosk design ideas. There are several concepts that you need to read.

With people’s enthusiasm for jewelry and other luxury goods keeps rising. The decoration design of jewelry display cabinet stores is playing an increasingly important role. So in understanding “jewelry display cabinet decoration design three basic concepts” before. Unique Kiosk design small make up to take you to understand what is the design concept.

The so-called design concept is the dominant idea established by designers in the process of designing spatial works. Which endows works with cultural connotation and style characteristics. Good design concept is very important. It’s not only the essence of the design, but also can make the work have personalized, professional in different effects.

Firstly. Jewelry  kiosk design concept of aesthetic experience is just right

A shop with elegant decoration and luxurious decoration must sell high-grade and high-quality goods. While the decorative plain or outdated appearance, the goods it sells must also be interlaced with low quality and difficult to guarantee. But too luxurious or crude decoration, with uncoordinated layout, itself is an artificial barrier to reject consumers.

Therefore, the design of mall kiosk cabinet decoration must have a very comfortable aesthetic vision. Usually the exhibition cabinet company will design the store aesthetically according to the customers, market positioning and brand level of the jewelry brand. The design of the exhibition cabinet storefront should not be flattering, nor should it not be surprising. It is the best design experience to give people a beautiful feeling and fresh surprise.

Secondly, Display cabinets decoration design concept of space planning simple and generous

Good in store designed space can have the effect that gets twice the result with half the effort to sale sometimes. Mall used retail counter and in store  space planning should not be too crowded, should be relatively sparse, so as to appear simple and generous, at the same time to create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers, promote customers’ shopping, and give customers a good feeling.

Thirdly,Display cabinet decoration design concept of lighting source with rationalization

As we know, the first visual experience is very important, And visually, the lighting design and equipment of the jewelry store surface play a crucial role. Because the lighting experience not only affects the aesthetic feeling of the store, But also affects the mood of the audience, thus indirectly influencing whether the jewelry store surface transaction is successful.

Good display cases to light with can distinguish level and sales of jewelry store. Some jewelry shop decoration lighting design, or the counter. Pay attention to only commonly the light would be light enough to make the whole of the store feeling gorgeous, gorgeous, but ignored the proportional distribution of light source, because the very nature of the jewel to the light source has a high requirement. Meet the requirements of these light source equipment, you can show the characteristics of goods.


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