Four cool ideas of jewelry kiosk and mall kiosk design

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What are the design elements? Design elements include vision (color, light, shape), touch (surface, shape, texture), and hearing (noise, echo). Designers must have an aesthetic, applicable and technically viable appreciation of these elements. Four cool ideas of jewelry kiosk and mall kiosk design. Today I want to talk with you about these elements and their role in the display of cabinets.

Four common elements of jewelry display cabinet design!

Firstly, the spatial dynamic streamline analysis of elements

The layout and spatial guiding design of retail mall kiosk  should meet the basic requirements. By receiving customers and facilitating customers to choose.  And express the aesthetic taste and artistic value of jewelry store space.

Jewelry display cabinet layout needs to meet the comfort and extension of customer activity space. In order to consider the convenience and safety of various channel space size. Service channel and guest channel are separated from each other. Too much crossover will reduce the quality of service, good design will separate the guest, service channel.

Secondly, The culture of  brand LOGO

the expression of jewelry store brand culture is also a very important factor, customers in the purchase at the same time, and get relaxed, and obtain the beauty of culture and art, will virtually enhance the role of jewelry store additional service facilities.

Jewelry store space design can use a variety of historical culture, Similar like coffee kiosk in mall . Ethnic local culture and other elements to create a cultural atmosphere, multi-angle, multi-point of view to explore the connotation of different cultural styles, looking for design breakthrough inspiration. An environment with good cultural taste will infect the impromptu consumption of customers to a great extent, and the unique space will often attract customers to shop for consumption.

Four common elements of jewelry display cabinet design!

Thirdly, Mall kiosk and food kiosk design must customer first

Designers must understand how people use these elements and how they react, not only to a single element, but also to the interaction between different elements.  So jewelry stores and exhibition cabinets in the design process need to pay attention to what common elements? A nice and unique mall kiosk design must follow customer usage habit and

Finally, Material used to build mall kiosk and jewelry kiosks.

about the jewelry display kiosk and space material choice, color processing, the choice of lighting and lighting mode, jewelry display ark design selection and other elements is also very important, in fact, the purpose is mainly visual produce certain influence to the customer, the heart to achieve the effect of a shock, resulting in a deep impression of products and stores, the expression of these factors depends on the brand culture and jewelry display customer groups positioning, etc.

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