How can jewelry display cabinet design satisfy customers’aesthetic psychology?

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With the development of society, the taste of the people is becoming more and more elegant. Everyone began to pursue both internal and external repair, both care about external beauty and internal beauty. More people also began to pay attention to the artistry of the goods. Mall used jewelry cabinet and retail kiosk design requirements on the finished products are also the same.

In this case,mall used food kiosk manufacturers in jewelry display cabinet design is facing the biggest problem.  How to meet the aesthetic psychology of customers?  Now a lot of jewelry display cabinet design companies in order to pursue the external beauty of the store. And design a perfect appearance and gorgeous visual impact to impact the psychology of customers. This is really can play an unexpected effect or effect. But under this kind of design premise, time passes and can let a person produce visual fatigue. So we want to put in the long-term vision of jewelry store counter design, we must let the jewelry display cabinet really have artistic beauty, both inside and outside repair. From the overall point of view, including jewelry store soft decoration and jewelry display cabinet design mutual integration and art.



So in jewelry display cabinet and mall kiosk design, how do we meet the aesthetic psychology of customers ? From the following aspects:

1. Matching of lights in the store:

Jewelry display cabinet design is different from service spa kiosk ,such as teeth whitening kiosk . in addition to the design of the accident, but also according to the store operating products to design and match LED lights (such as gold with 2700k yellow light, diamond with 6000K white light, jade jewelry products with 4500K neutral light and so on). The design collocation of lamplight inside gem exhibit ark is an integral process, collocation is reasonable, just can foil effectively the characteristic of gem product and style.

2. The design of jewelry display cabinets is inseparable from the shopping psychology of the public.

In the design of mall used display cabinets, Enterprises should not only see the essence of the design of jewelry showcase cabinets, but also sublimate on this basis. The design of such retail kiosk showcase  lets a client look at most comfortable, natural, cannot restrain the impulse of the heart.  So as to conquer the aesthetic psychology of customers.


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