Important issues for manufacturing mall kiosk display cabinets

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Important notes for manufacturing mall kiosk display cabinets. When building a mall used display cabinet or display counter, You may face many different problems ,Here blow are 4 important issues you need take into consideration.

What are the precautions for making jewelry display cabinets?


First, Cost issue in mall kiosk manufacturing.

There are several questions you What kind of material will you choose for the jewelry display cabinet? How to use the remaining materials effectively? what’s the best to reuse or reuse existing materials? How to organize the production process? which is the best way to make full use of existing resources to reduce the production cycle of jewelry display cabinets? How to reduce the work distribution of personnel without affecting the production process of mall kiosk ? How to control the quality of jewelry display cabinet while ensuring the quantity?

If you can answer these basic questions quickly, it shows that your jewelry display cabinet production factory has formed a certain scale and has many years of production and production experience. Unique kiosk design reminds you that the cost control should be implemented into the details of each process, so as to find problems from reality and effectively control the cost of jewelry display cabinet production according to the factory’s own situation.

Second,paint issue jewelry display cabinet construction.

Jewelry shelves fabrication plant’s real strength largely upper now paint process, not every factory have their own unique painting process, some small workshops only artificial brush paint, but there was no machine control, not even a real room of the lacquer that bake, such manufacturer production and produce jewelry shelves can be hard on quality?

In the construction of paint, the rough treatment of materials, color paint treatment, primer treatment, topcoat modification… Do the construction of paint well, the production of gem exhibit ark is considered a successful stride

Third, circumstances issue of retail kiosk .

Customers who want to order jewelry exhibition cabinets will place orders at any time, instead of selecting seasons or days in particular. How can we make our jewelry exhibition cabinets adapt to the harsh environment as usual? Such as the hot summer.

Facing this problem, we need to more careful on the selection of lumber, suitable for relatively dry type is chosen as the material, because if you choose to haven’t completely dry wood, then in such a dry mixed environment, such as moisture evaporates completely after we make a good jewelry cases will appear the phenomenon of cracks and distortion;

Paint should also be particularly careful, with paint, to add some easy to dry and easy to evaporate resistance to high temperature materials; After the jewelry display cabinet is completed, it is best to choose a cool time in the morning or evening to deliver goods on the way of transportation

Fourth, environmental protection issue.

As we know, environmental protection is not only a consciousness, but also a kind of spirit. Which is highly respected by everyone. In the future, it is the inevitable trend of The Times. Jewelry display cabinet production factory in the display cabinet processing is also the same, stainless steel material and toughened glass, built-in LED down light, leather products…

These are the basic material on the surface only, want to accomplish environmental protection truly, that is many sided, can use advanced stainless steel to pledge for instance, use the environmental protection paint that does not have harm innocuously, use environmental protection board to wait as far as possible.

It can be said that the high-end jewelry display cabinets come from environmental protection, environmental protection is not a day by day. But also to adhere to the environmental awareness, more from the perspective of environmental protection to make jewelry display cabinets.

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