6 tips of display cabinets design skills in jewelry store fixtures

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Product display and display cabinets design is the most important part of designing a jewelry store.  As well as jewelry showroom fittings. Reasonable design can extend the surface, line and space image of products. Using points, lines and surfaces of various display cabinets to separate. And set up product display space is what we called product space layout design.


Similar like retail store design. A professional jewelry design must have the best skills to play with lines and angles. Point, line and surface space composition of product display space and key design motivation evaluation points ,

Here blow are 6 tips on a cool display cabinet display skills:

(1) Analyzing the relationship between operation area and quantity of products to be displayed.

The size of the operation site is different, and it is unceasingly qualitative. How to stop to reflect the space properly requires the display cabinet designers to carefully design the display space skills.

(2) Evaluate the hardware environment relationship between the jewelry exhibition cabinet

and the direction of the channel, staircase, escalator plane orientation; Evaluate that the exhibition cabinet is still at the edge of the main channel. Secondary channel side; Evaluate the position class of jewelry display cabinet in the whole store, whether it is in the dead corner position, the intention is to clear the whole image design concept and conception, determine the design space structure and visual concerns.

(3) Analyse and clarify whether the product is soft or hard

analyze the shape characteristics of the product, determine the corresponding relationship between the product and the points, lines and surfaces of the display cabinet, and design the standard and display structure of the display cabinet and the back cabinet.

(4) Evaluate the connection between the ceiling and the ground two surface decoration and construction equipment.

If the ground is in stair footfall, slope arrives, a few model corners, reach electric switch, fire fighting shutter door or fire hydrant, ground bolt electric wait for equipment. Even more the cement beam that coping bulges, modelling condole top reach ceiling height to wait. The intention is to use the land to deal with the elements that are not conducive to the design, and to connect the jewelry display cabinet and back cabinet between the top and the ground. On the other hand, it also involves the safety of shopping malls and the safety of customers. Even you are designing a mall kiosk not a store , The safety is always the priority.

(5) Make full use of the spatial structure

Use existing roof, floor, wall, column and beam to extend the product presentation as far as possible. If the product shows display showcase to be located sell central azimuth or escalator azimuth, Then you should use pillar to extend adequately show a face. If there is no column, it can also mobilize the characteristics of data to make wall without wall and column without column. But all requirements of the height of the store should be taken into consideration.

(6) Keep the display in mind

As a designer and store operator, I should master the key points, lines and surface space composition and design of product display space. Work with the point, line, surface of the display space, function is to frame the product display space layout,and it is the most basic work. Do not make a jewelry kiosk like a coffee kiosk .

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