Cautions for lighting design of Exhibition cabinets from different angles

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Now the production of Exhibition cabinets is not a general requirement, but requires the designer of the production of Exhibition cabinets not only to design high-end atmosphere, but also to foil the brilliance of jewelry. To achieve this effect, of course, it must be combined with lighting! Fanlu Shenzhen Exhibition Cabinet Factory Xiaobian shares with you some notes and design points about lighting of different angles of Exhibition cabinets in jewelry stores.

Exhibition cabinet window display, precious gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, pearls and jades and other commodities, and then with high brightness, high color lighting, can better depict the fine craft and high gloss of jewelry. Therefore, jewelry display windows are usually displayed in lattices.

The lighting is arranged in the frame, and the lighting location is relatively close. Strict selection of light distribution angle, targeted display of jewelry characteristics, the use of low power, multi-light source, fully express the jewelry multi-faceted, high reflective properties, in the jewelry surface to form a rich level of high light, play a role of shining. We know that different jewellery needs different lights to work together.

Therefore, the lighting of display cabinet is extremely important, gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and other jewelry is relatively small, requires a high enough brightness, it is easy to attract attention, these jewelry completely rely on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “flash point” to stimulate customers’eyes; pearl, jadeite, crystal and other materials jewelry, more need to highlight Ling.

Delicate and transparent luster, in the brightness requirements are relatively low. Gold can be illuminated by 3000K cold cup, silver should be illuminated by 4200K sunlight cup. The general illumination in cabinet is about 400-500 LUX, and the key illumination is over 800-1000KUX. The chromogenicity is not less than 90.

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