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What kind of clothing store is popular with girls? How can women’s clothing store decoration design attract customers? At present, there are many large and small women’s clothing stores in the domestic market. If you want to make your own shop stand out from many other shops, in addition to attracting customers, the decoration of the shop is also very important. So if you want to open a women’s clothing store, how to decorate it to highlight its characteristics? Let’s take a look.

Women’s shop decoration: decoration style and dress style consistent.

Before we decorate, we must first clearly understand what style of clothing we sell, and for which groups of people, through the analysis of these data, so as to decorate our decoration style.

Decoration style must be consistent with the style of clothing. For example, we are selling popular youth clothing, so first of all, our consumer groups are some young people, students, young people and so on, and our decoration style should also conform to their aesthetic.  

Women’s shop decoration: the door and window should be designed eye-catching.

The door head and the window are like the eyes of the shop, which can attract more consumers. The window is an important medium to connect the indoor and outdoor. Through the crowd outside the window, we can clearly understand the products, understand the decoration style and some characteristics of the shop, which can effectively increase the rate of customers entering the shop.

The window is generally put some products, we should pay attention to is, put the product must have enough attraction, and should be consistent with the style of women’s clothing store.  

Women’s clothing store decoration: the store should be clean and bright.

Lighting design is very important in a clothing store, lighting in addition to basic lighting, but also set off the characteristics of clothing products. The lighting effect can not be too bright, also can not be too dim, the brightness of the light is moderate, so as to create the best spatial visual effect for consumers.  

Product display determines the overall pattern of the women’s clothing store. Novelty and beautiful effect can be achieved through display and layout. In display, we can make full use of some walls or special architectural space.  

Women’s shop decoration: decoration collocation.  

Why some clothes in the store try on, look particularly good, it is because, the mirror in the fitting room is a “magic mirror” can make you thin, become beautiful. Yes, mirrors are important in a fitting room, but a good mirror will improve your performance.

Decoration is generally inseparable from decoration, and the decoration of women’s clothing store is the same. We can decorate the clothing store through some portraits, some statues, plants, ornaments and so on, so that the style of the whole store can be improved. What we should pay attention to is that these decorations must be consistent with our theme style.  

Decoration of a women’s clothing store, said simple and simple, said difficult and difficult, many times, a women’s clothing store can operate for a long time, but also need you to do it carefully, said that nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, the method is more than difficult, the above is a little experience, I hope to help you!

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