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Doors play an important role in custom kiosk. Not only do display areas need doors, but lockers also need doors. In these commercial display cabinets and custom kiosk, the display products inside are generally locked at night, so a practical door is essential. According to the function and the way to open the door, it can be divided into the following types:

Rolling shutter door: The rolling shutter door is a multi-joint movable door piece connected in series. In a fixed slideway, the door rotates up and down with the reel above the door as the center. Rolling shutter doors are usually widely used in shops, some outdoor kiosk and so on. The rolling shutter door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials, which can not only play a closing role, but also is very strong and durable, very safe, and can be used for a long time.

shutter doors

Swing door: A side hung door refers to a door with a hinge (hinge) installed on the side of the door, inward (left inward opening, right inward opening) or outward (left outward opening, right outward opening). It consists of door cover, hinge, door leaf, lock, etc.

Swing doors are very common in daily life, so what are the advantages of it?

1. High security

The safety performance of the swing door is higher than other categories. The swing door can be locked when in use, which is very convenient and safe to use.

2. There are many optional materials

There are many materials for making swing doors, and various materials such as wood, glass, plastic, etc. can be used to make swing doors, so in terms of price, there are more choices for swing doors. Each family or enterprise can choose the price and material of the swing door according to its own conditions.

Sliding door: The sliding door is composed of rails and pulleys and other components. It is very delicate in design, has a wide range of uses, is convenient and has a long service life. Glass sliding doors and wooden sliding doors are often used in display cabinets.

What are the advantages of sliding doors?

sliding doors

1. Separate space

There are various styles of sliding doors, which can play the role of space limitation and separation.

2. Enhance privacy

Sliding doors can protect people’s privacy. They can be entered through these areas, and the sliding doors can play a blocking role.

3. Increase space flexibility

The sliding door can increase the flexibility of the space, and can divide or combine the space, make it bigger or smaller, and it is very flexible and changeable.

Flap door: The flap door is mainly divided into an up-flip door and a down-flip door, which are suitable for some places where the door cannot be opened left and right. The flap door is mainly composed of a door panel and a door hinge (hinge).

Pull out door: Sliding panels are often used in some jewelry, mobile phones, and electronic kiosks and display cabinets. Their advantage is that it is very convenient to pick up the product. And it will not affect the display effect and will not take up space.

pull out doors

after read this page, have you got more ideas about how to choose door for your custom kiosk?

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