How to build a popular clothing kiosk in the mall?

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Are you ready to start a clothing store business in a mall? In recent years, many clothing brands have emerged, and many clothing brands have their counters in shopping malls. This facilitates the brand promotion, enhances the corporate image, and increases customer trust in the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously consider the look of the clothing kiosks before we are ready to start clothing counters in the mall. You can also choose a cloth kiosk to start your business according to your product style and brand positioning. This is one of the reasons why more and more people choose custom display cabinets. The most important thing is that shopping malls usually have to review the mall kiosk design and the strength of the merchants who settle in. Especially for entrepreneurs, you need to choose a suitable location to start your business according to the actual situation.

Clothing kiosk

Create a clothing kiosk in the mall

1. Develop a business plan

A business plan is a prerequisite for starting a business. A business plan helps you analyze the feasibility of your project, and you can go ahead and do business as planned. Early market research is very important so that you can understand market dynamics, customer base, competitors, and even the initial capital required for your project, etc. You can also consider your marketing strategy to catch your customers’ attention and quickly gain loyal customers.

2. Rent a location and understand the mall specifications

It is very important to rent a booth in the mall, it means you have a fixed location to sell products and provide services. For customers, they are guaranteed that they will always be able to find you in a fixed location. So you need to meet with the store manager first and tell them what you think and understand the store’s requirements for kiosk materials, styles, shapes, etc. You can also negotiate the size and rent of the rental location with the mall to reach a preliminary consensus.

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3. Make a 3D design and get store approval

For brands, it is necessary to choose a mall kiosk that highlights the brand and products. Depending on your rental size, you can set the display area in a reasonable position and incorporate your brand logo and color decoration. You can also make minor adjustments to make the final decision. The 3D design includes 3D renderings and construction details, which show the effect of the cloth kiosk, material size details, and how it was built. You can submit complete drawings for approval by the mall and fire departments. Unique Display’s professional team of designers helps you do the job. We can also help you design the cloth kiosk layout to make all the counters reasonable and easy to use.

For custom cloth kiosks, workers will produce according to 3D renderings and construction drawings. Workers pay attention to the construction, craftsmanship, and details of the cloth kiosk, making sure that all links are accurate. Clothing kiosk lighting, wiring, cabinet doors, and even counter styling will be done in the production workshop. Simple installation, practical and convenient

Clothing store design

4. Assemble the clothing kiosk at the mall

Since all the steps are done in the production workshop, you only need to assemble the counter with the cloth kiosk installation drawings and it is ready to use. You need to pay attention to connecting the main electrical box to the power supply of the mall, you can ask an electrician to help. Everything is ready and you can put your products in order and start a business.

Time to start clothing kiosk

We recommend setting aside at least 3 months to start this project. Since this is a custom cloth kiosk according to special requirements, it will take some time to confirm the design of the cloth kiosk. And usually, the shopping malls and fire departments need time to feedback and approve opinions, and even make some adjustments as required.

For a cloth kiosk to fit a 4m by 3m location, it needs about 28 workdays for production. If you choose a style with a unique shape and complex craftsmanship, the production time will be extended appropriately. Because all the counters are handmade by workers, it is more delicate, stronger, and has a long service life. If you are ready to start a business, please contact us. We’ll help you to start business earlier.

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