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The interior decoration of the sunglasses shop design to attract the customer flow is important. In fact, about the interior decoration, every shop is particular about it. For the sunglasses optical shops, the design has important meaning too. Normally, before opening a store, we need to make the 3D design of the style first, then we can focus on the decoration. But what matters of decoration you should pay attention to? Next, I will tell you in the following essay.

Materials choice on sunglasses shop decoration

How to make the layout of the shop? The design is necessary before decorating. After you confirm the shop design, then the furniture factory and you should need to choose the materials for the furniture fixture. Normally, if you have special material requirement, we will meet your demands. The materials of the display showcases not must be luxury, but it should be suitable. Suitable materials with beautiful colors or surface style combination, which will have a great effect on the decoration and let people eye’s shine. Generally, the tempered glasses is the popular and useful material by the sunglasses shops because of the glasses features. It can show the sunglasses well.

Here is one optical shop design style. The display counters and wall display cabinets all has the tempered glass. The transparency of the glasses is very high. When it matches the shop inside lighting, it can reflect the sunglasses style better. The interior decoration of the shop is very modern. It has a good layout with full display cabinets and the publicity area for the light boxes. The top is all light boxes to show the models with different eye glasses, and they will lead more customers to come inside the shop for shop around.

sunglasses shop design

Style confirmation of the optical store design

Before sunglasses shop design, confirm the shop style is the first step. How to choose a style for a optical shop? First, you need to make sure your target customer position and your address place, then you can find more styles which your target customers like for reference. For example, your shop place in the mall or at popular and hot travelling area is different. The styles of the sunglasses for the different customers is different. For some young people, they would like to buy the fashion glasses style in the mall. Most people like to buy travelling style of sunglasses style at the scenic area. After that, you need to take the background, lighting, color and music of the shop into consideration. To take the customers’ needs as the center, and design the shop to meet their hobbies and habits, which must attract the customers.

Here is one very natural and modern sunglasses store design. The display cabinets are against the wall, and middle is the display counter for putting the products. Some green plants are near the stairs as the decoration and make the shop vivifying. The whole shop color hue is unified with display shelves, ceiling and lamps. The display shelves are natural wooden look and the lamps are warm with yellow lighting.

optical store
optical store

Flow line of the optical shop

When design and decorate the optical shop, the flow line is very vital too. The flow line it means the consumers come to the shop and the walking direction. It will the key point that leads the move directions of the consumers. If the shop doesn’t design the flow line well, it will reduce the purchasing desires of the consumers and affect the shop sales performances. So the flow lines must need to be reasonable. It should let people can find their products areas at the first eyes easily, in this way, the shop can improve the sales performance.

Color match on the sunglasses store design

For the sunglasses shop decoration, there is still one point needing to be noted. That is the color application. We don’t suggest to use many colors for the sunglasses shop, because it will become chaotic and cover the main shop products. To many colors of the shop furniture or decoration can’t show the sunglasses features. The shop decoration and display counters colors should be in one unified hue. So when designing the shop,you can tell us the colors you like, then our designer will apply them well in the sunglasses shop design.

For such one sunglasses shop, we can feel it is high-end and leisure. It can let people feel relaxed when they are in the shop to buy the sunglasses. The color hue of the shop is light and bright, the main display part is white. Other shop inside counter is other warm color. The customer area sofa is green in the black floor. This customer resting area is different from the products displaying area. The shop interior colors match makes the people comfortable.

eye-glasses shop

I have introduced these some decoration notes of optical shops on this essays, I wish these information can help you.

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