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Every jewelry shop design has their own decoration styles for their target customers, address, main products etc. Normally, the jewelry store style is high-end and luxury all in the same key which highlight and show the jewelries level. But at present, more and more people pursue different styles and want to unique in the market. If you want to open a new jewelry store, how the shop layout and display showcases should be? Let’s learn about it from one retro jewelry shop.

Facade of the jewelry store design

No matter what shop is, the facade is very important. The reason why the appearance of a commercial store is so important is that its role is to promote the business content of the store and expand the popularity of the store. Therefore, the general facade design will use the window, door, light box, signs, neon lights and other decorative elements of the design of patterns, text and modeling, comprehensive publicity of the store and the brand, greatly improve the attractiveness of the store. To take good use of the facade, you can win from the starting line in the competitors market.

Let’s see the retro jewelry shop facade. It is darkness series. The orange LED light strip decorates the whole facade frame. The white LED light strip is at the entrance edges. They are very bright and eye-catching at the dark background. Besides, two orange warm lamps decoration is at facade wall two sides. One sign is at left side and over the lamp, and the sign can be lighted and more attractive. The entrance is very big and its side is the window with clear glasses. They are open and customers can see the inside layout and products directly. Besides, they can see the most interesting design from the window is that DIY show. This is a good services for people. They would like to make the jewelry types with lovers, friends, family together. This activity can help them improve the feelings, which is very meaningful. Besides, it can enhance the sales performance of the shop.

jewelry shop design facade

Reception counter design

The reception area is necessary for a shop. It is a place for the staff to help customers on checking out, consults, product recommendation etc. The reception desk also has many styles and shapes. It will be suitable for your shop interior design. The reception desk here is marble finish and the countertop is wooden look. It is small with one working position. You can put the cashier register on the desk. The reception desk is near the wall, then the wall also has a good design here. 3 display shelves are the wall and its bottom is the grid display rack. You can put some small and interesting decoration or some favorable jewelry accessories. When people check out, the accessories will be optional for them. If some can attract the people, they will buy together. It can lead more sales.

jewelry shop design front desk

Display showcases &cabinet

When you have decided the jewelry shop design style, the showcases also need to fit the style. About the showcases, we not only need to pay attentions on its surface, but also focus on its functions and quality. The bottom showcases color is black with many lines but with two grids different surfaces. For this part, we can make it with drawers together. The top is tempered glasses for protecting the products and convenient for customers to visit. The creamy white displays trays in the showcase to display many jewelries. The wall cabinets is another style different from the bottom cases. The wall cabinets top are the light boxes to show the jewelry types and promote the logos. Light box following is the display area with LED lights. The cabinet also has the mirror decoration, which can add the big spaces feelings to people. The bottom layer is without glasses and it also has the LED lights. The whole wall cabinets are very bright to show the products.

jewelry shop design display showcase

The showcases and wall cabinets is against the long wall. But their middle is the black grid display shelf. The wooden layers are on the shelf and those grids can help you hand something too. So it is very useful for you to use it. Besides, sometimes, a different thing in the same group can make the whole group is different and not boring.

wall cabinets

Display case

Two big display showcases in the shop middle and they connect together. The style is retro and their frames are wood. Two big and tall glasses cases in the middle and two sides are short cases. For such big and tall showcase, you can put the most expensive and special jewelry inside for displaying.

display cases

Another one display showcase is black and special in the jewelry shop design. It has the countertop, drawers, and two display sides. The top of it is the strong LED lights. It is at the shop front side. When people pass by the shop, they can see the products on the showcase from the entrance.

display counter

Wall display shelves

The wall wooden display shelves are very creative. It is like a trunk with many branches. It is on the shop short wide side. In addition, different sizes display layers are on the wall. It is a shelf group and decoration. You can put many things on the shelves for showing to the customers. A small display showcase is at the shelves bottom near the corner. More displays can show your more products for customers to choose. So more display layers can be on suitable wall places.

display shelves

The DIY counter is near the window. The counter has 3 positions for the people. Every position has one lamp for them to make jewelry DIY. The counter is wooden look too. It fits the jewelry interior decoration. The counter has its special and relevant design point for the DIY workmanship.

DIY counter

Shop ceiling and floor design

For the retro jewelry store, the ceiling design has several light boxes in the middle. The light boxes can increase the lights for the shop, but also can play the promotion role. When people see the ceiling, they will find the light boxes with patterns. About the floor, it is retro and nostalgic. The floor is wooden and it acts as a skid control.

ceiling and floor

This is a retro jewelry shop design with a good layout and relevant showcase styles. We should think about every places of the shop and take good use of the spaces. In this way, it can play bigger and better role. I hope the essay can help you.

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