5 Tips On The Design Of Trendy Bubble Tea Shops

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Although bubble tea shops have emerged one after another, with the development of social media, it has gradually evolved into a social culture. Many people drink bubble tea not only for a sip of bubble tea but also for the happiness of punching in and taking pictures. Here are some tips on how to design and create an attractive bubble tea shop.

Facade Design

The facade design of the bubble tea shop and various decorative styles at the front of the door reflect the main consumer groups the brand is targeting. The appearance of the facade basically determines the style and positioning of the store, and the choice of font basically determines the grade of the appearance. The color of the door character and the color of the facade must be well matched. The eye-catching, distinctive facade has the magic power to summon guests into the store for bubble tea.

Bubble tea shop

Colour Match

In terms of color matching, one color can use as the main color, which is different from the general color of the existing local bubble tea shops. After all, a striking and distinctive color will let everyone know at a glance that it is a certain bubble tea shop. If the color is to be eye-catching, use bright colors as the main color, such as green, pink, or dark series colors, black can also use. Create a unique color memory and leave a different impression on customers.

Signboard Design

The door sign should be appropriate. Whether you use a horizontal sign or a vertical sign, the size must be suitable, which can not only have the effect of display but also cannot destroy the overall layout. It is conspicuous and has the effect of attracting customers, making people know your bubble tea shop brand at a glance, and deepening the user’s impression.


Layout Design

The storefront space of bubble tea shops is generally smaller than other dining spaces, with an area of 10-20 square meters. But sparrows are small and complete. The layout is divided according to various functional areas in the store. Focus on the operation area, the seating area, and the production and take-out area, which are the golden triangle of these three areas. The three areas should not only form an assembly line but also make the two related to each other. Taking care of the smooth movement line, the speed of meal delivery is doubled and the efficiency is doubled.

Our shop layout

Lighting Design

Lighting is the soul of various interior designs, and the decoration of bubble tea shops is no exception. Good decoration design, good products, if there is a lack of suitable lighting, it will immediately look inferior. Usually, the lighting of the bubble tea shop is mainly based on warm color light sources such as orange, and the brightness must be enough so that our products can become the focus and eye-catching. Thereby enhancing the customer’s appetite and desire to buy. If the light is dim, it will not only be inconvenient to operate, but also bring a sense of depression, affect the mood of customers and reduce consumption.

Lighting effect

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