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With the improvement of consumption level and the trend of fashion consumption, the sunglasses industry has entered a period of vigorous development, more and more fashion people take sunglasses as a tool for dressing up, thus greatly increasing the demand for sunglasses. Except for the sunglasses, with the spread of digital devices such as mobile phones and iPad, the number of short-sighted people is still rising year by year. In this context, the business of eyewear stores is getting better and better, so there is definitely an opportunity to make money by opening eyewear stores. Here are the steps to help you how to get started.

  • Create a plan for your sunglasses store business.

There are many important factors we need to consider before we start a sunglasses store business. The owners of the new sunglasses store need to develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account all the different elements of opening a shop. This includes everything from initial start-up costs, funding, store operations and marketing. In addition, new business owners need to know their goals and store opening plans clearly. It is also important to have a good understanding of market competition. Having a thorough plan before opening a business can increase the chances of success.

*** Make a brand name for your sunglasses business.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a name for your sunglasses business. First, you want to make sure the name is easy to remember and easy to spell. Avoid words or phrases that are difficult to understand. In addition, it’s also important to choose a name that reflects the type of sunglasses business you run. You can ask a professional logo designer to make a logo for your brand. 

*** Make a budget plan.

The investment budget of the eyeglass store includes:

Eyeglass store rent

It is determined according to the location and size of the location. If your budget is not enough, you can start with a smaller store first. General 30 square meters of the shop can start a sunglasses shop business.  

Purchase cost

Targeted selection of purchase lenses and frames to avoid waste. 

Optical shop decoration cost

First of all, the decoration scheme design, which is the basis to attract the customers. Followed by the decoration according to the design scheme, the cost is determined according to the market situation in each region. 

Optometry equipment

Purchase equipment according to project positioning. Related certificate handling and glasses store decoration. 

  • Choose a suitable location for your sunglasses store business.

When choosing a location for your sunglasses store, our advice is to visit as many markets as possible. There is no doubt that the flow of people in the busy streets is relatively large, but the rent will be much more expensive. It’s important to note that good locations don’t come cheap, so you should leave enough money in your budget for rent. If you are not familiar with how to choose an optician location, you should talk to a business adviser or real estate agent.  

Most importantly, make sure you first conduct a thorough feasibility study and market research before choosing a location for your sunglasses store. You can’t rule out the possibility that a similar store in the area you want to set up shop has just closed.


  • Make a sunglasses store design.

Making a beautiful sunglasses store design can better attract the eyes of customers, and ordinary decoration is difficult to stand out in many sunglasses stores. The sunglasses store decoration is not an easy thing. Now let’s explain the skills of optical shop decoration design.

The door of the sunglasses store

A superior door can let your sunglasses store to the past consumers left a deep impression, with an open sense of the facade is easier to attract customers, so the facade is best with those with perspective glass doors and glass Windows. Another is the channel in the store, some shopkeepers in order to put more goods bought a lot of display cases so that the channel in the store is too narrow, so it will let customers have a crowded feeling, and the consumer experience is not good, the main channel in the store should be wide rather than narrow, let customers into the main channel, you can clearly understand the main products in the store.

Product display area

Glasses classification partition display is the key to the store had a pattern and glasses displays are divided into center service areas, brand exhibits, sunglasses, boutique sunglasses, contact area, to negotiate sales areas, window displays, regional location and layout directly affect the customer’s shopping psychology, store design better pattern, make customers feel closer with products. Reasonable layout design of commodity area, negotiation area, image display area and so on will let customers enjoy it, wander more invested, in order to promote customers’ desire to buy.

Application of color

The application of color plays an important role in sunglasses stores. Usually, colors are matched according to the decoration style chosen by the owner. Different colors can reflect different themes. Nowadays, the color range of optical shop site design choices is increasingly diversified, of course, these color choices are based on the expected vision and feel of each space. In addition, if the main color of the brand is reasonably applied in the store, it can fully reflect the inherent quality and culture of the enterprise brand.

Lights and fixtures

The application of lighting can enhance the color and texture of the store, with the decoration and display to convey the brand tone, reflect the brand value and taste, can effectively improve the attention of customers, we can apply different lighting styles according to the area and design style of the eyeglass store, so as to achieve the effect of setting off the environment.

When adjusting the lighting, try to keep the characteristics of products under natural light, avoid glare, so that consumers feel comfortable and safe in it, and create a positive shopping environment. At the same time, avoid dull and single, so that all kinds of lamps and lanterns get a balanced application, improve the configuration efficiency of lamps and lanterns, and reduce waste.

There are a lot of details in the decoration of the sunglasses store. Hope this article can give you some help.

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