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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, fresh juice has become a standard product in major shopping malls and shopping centers, playing an irreplaceable role in many drinks. With the increasing awareness of health, the market for fresh juice is also growing. At present, the main consumer group is women between 18 and 35 years old. In addition, with the continuous expansion of popular health consciousness, popular people also have a deeper understanding of the nutritional value of the fruit. Compared with fried food like fried chicken, fruit juice is not only delicious but also good for the body.

Looking at the current market, in developed countries, the market share of fresh juice drinks is as high as 60%, while in China, although it is not that high, the market is not saturated and is still developing. Different types of juice derived from fresh juice, such as desktop fruit juice shops, are popular among consumers. Therefore, many people want to know how to open a fruit juice shop. If you have decided to start a juice shop business, then you need to consider the following details and steps to successfully implement this plan. 

1. Learn how the juice business work

Before you can open a juice bar, you need to understand how a juice bar works. A juice bar is a store that offers fresh drinks, such as cold pressed or fresh pressed juices and fruit smoothies. Other popular foods include protein shakes, vitamin-rich fruit juices, and simple foods such as sandwiches and salads.

The best way to understand how juice store works are to work at a juice shop. Before starting your own business, you can work for a successful juice shop to see how juice is created and what the daily routine of running a juice bar is like.

2. Create a budget

Budgeting for your future juice shop business is more of a rough estimate than an exact calculation. But it’s still important to create a budget plan and guidelines to make sure your costs don’t go too far over budget. Your business may not turn a profit for months or even years after you open, so you need to figure out how much you can invest, how much outside funding you can get, and create a plan to cover all expenses.

First, determine how much money you need to start your juice shop business. Take into account rental costs, renovation costs, equipment costs, employee wages, permits, etc. Then, determine your fixed and variable monthly expenses. Fixed expenses are those that do not change, such as store rent or employee salaries. Variable costs are based on volume of sales, such as the cost of juicing ingredients or marketing campaigns.

3. Choose a location for your juice store

As with any store business, the location you choose directly affects your business. Your budget is an important factor in finding a location for a juice shop. Choosing the location of a juice shop. Spending your money on a prime, high-traffic location may be worth it, because no matter where your store is, a significant portion of your business is likely to come from walk-in shoppers and impulse shoppers. But in general, catering companies should not spend more than 6% of their monthly sales on rent.

4. Make a juice store design

*** Plan a layout

This is the actual layout of the juice shop. Every inch of indoor and outdoor space is important. Your blueprints and floor plans visually show how all the Spaces in your juice bar will fit together.

A juice shop floor plan requires a bit of creativity and some dedicated research — the floor plan needs to have areas. Remember, when you design floor plans, you are also creating the experience for your guests and employees in the space.

A juice store layout should include the below parts:

The juice bar counter

Prep areas

The kitchen

The ordering cashier counter

Dining and seating areas

Staff areas, offices, and break rooms


( 1 ) The layout of the juice bar counter & Prep areas

Put staff first when planning the design of the juice bar. Think about how you can strategically design your layout to make it an efficient workspace. When the work space is too cramped, everyone is affected, while working. Design easy-to-use countertop, sinks and workstations so that anyone can use them.

( 2 ) The layout of the kitchen

Kitchen design needs to be discussed with your chef, how to arrange equipment placement and how to optimize the kitchen space.

( 3 ) The layout of the ordering cashier counter

Enough cash registers should be arranged in the cashier desk area to avoid crowding when there are many customers. Some posters and menus can be placed here.

( 4 ) The layout of the dining and seating areas

It is important to provide seating for customers who want or need it. Even if your juice shop is not very big, you can also set up some simple bar areas or put some seating outside the shop. 

( 5 ) The layout of the restrooms

Bathrooms are a deciding factor in many people’s choices of shops and restaurants. Designing restrooms large enough that all guests can find them in the dining area will create an attractive advantage for your store. Avoid requiring guests to pass through the staff area to reach the washroom.

5. Hire employees

One thing you need to run a juice shop is labor. An important part of opening a juice shop is hiring to find reliable and diligent employees.

6. Launch your opening

Now that you’ve done all the work to open your juice shop, you’re ready to officially open for business. Many juice shops hold grand openings or soft openings to attract customers. A soft opening allows you and your staff to test run its operations because it only serves a small number of people. Soft opening builds buzz around your restaurant and provides feedback on your food and service ahead of the grand opening.

Here are 6 steps of how to start a juice store business, hope it can help you to have an idea. Any questions about the juice shop design or business idea please feel free to contact us!

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