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Medicine is one of the basic needs of life in every country. That’s why drugstore sales remain high, even in the midst of the economic crisis. Pharmacies now sell not only medicines but also health products and medical instruments. If you’re a doctor or pharmacist and looking for a health care related retail business, starting a pharmacy business can be a lucrative business. Medicine is one of the most basic things that almost all of us need. Therefore, as a business, pharmacy is an essential service provider. If you’re interested in starting a pharmacy business, you can follow these steps to get started.

  • Write a pharmacy store business plan.

A drugstore needs to invest some cost in the early stage, and only after a period of hard operation can profits and returns be generated. Without a comprehensive business plan, it’s hard to get started.

A good, detailed business plan will give you a lot of help with the expected location of the store, store design ideas, equipment needs, inventory requirements, etc.

  • Choose a pharmacy store location.

Choosing the right location is crucial to your future business, so you should choose carefully. The easiest way to find out the best place to open a pharmacy is to look at what other pharmacies in the area offer and what products they mainly sell.  

In addition to the selected products, nearby enterprises, offices, schools and hospitals, etc., are all factors in selecting the location of the new pharmacy. Make sure your pharmacy is located close enough to these places to bring you more business.

  • Make a design for your pharmacy store.

Start-up costs for a new pharmacy include rent, inventory, equipment, staff salaries and any other items needed to operate the pharmacy. Among them, the decoration design of a drugstore is very important. For people who are interested in starting a pharmacy, it takes a lot of effort to design a pharmacy. The cost of setting up a pharmacy can vary widely, depending on whether the pharmacy is slightly modified in an existing building or needs to be built from scratch. And what kind of display cases should be equipped.

The first is the appearance design of the pharmacy store. The appearance and decoration design of the pharmacy store should highlight the theme of the store. So that pedestrians can easily identify the store as dealing in medicine rather than selling other products. The appearance design also needs to be novel and distinctive in order to attract people’s attention and leave a good impression on customers.

The second is the interior design of the pharmacy store. Interior design is mainly about the display furniture of products. The main principle of product display is convenience for customers. And the aisle cannot too narrow, want to have a good current environment. From the perspective of humanization, it is to maximize the convenience of customers as the starting point to display the drugs on the shelves of drugstores in front of customers. So that customers can freely shuttle between the shelves. 

Third, is the color collocation of drugstores. The decoration inside drugstore cannot too traditional, stuffy, which can let a person feel heavy otherwise. Nowadays, people’s consumption concept has changed, and consumers entering and leaving pharmacies do not necessarily buy medicine because of illness or injury. So drugstore decoration can do special treatment in the color collocation. Such as the choice of healthy color, in which some other colors, so that the drugstore has a sense of vitality. For example, green and white, wood grain color and white are commonly used in pharmacies. 

The important elements need to consider:


Offer comfortable seating and increase your chances of sales by getting customers to stay longer in your store. The longer customers stay in the store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Cashier area  

In open-plan stores, checkout areas provide additional sales possibilities. Retailers use it to encourage customers to make impulse purchases of replenishment items while waiting for payment. If you have a large pharmacy, you can take advantage of this opportunity. 

We hope this article provides you with some good ideas for designing your pharmacy to provide a more efficient and higher quality shopping experience. Now, make every part of the store more efficient and reduce the time shoppers spend searching for what they really need. If you allow your customers to browse without having to find products, you will find increased traffic, conversion rates, and satisfied customers.

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