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Toy store decoration design is not only to enhance the store image. Using unique and creative decoration design, the aim is to attract customers’ attention and even increase toy sales at the same time. Therefore, in order to give consumers a good first impression, the toy store decoration design is perfect, so that customers feel bright when they see the toy store, and have the inner consumption desire at the first glance. Toy shop decoration design mainly includes exterior decoration design, interior and exterior decoration design, brand design, window design and lighting design five parts, each part is an important link in the toy shop decoration design, we need to do every link well, make the toy shop design to reach a high level.

  •  The appearance design

The appearance design is the overall feeling of the appearance of the toy store, which also reflects the grade of the toy store and reflects the personality of the toy store. Therefore, we should pay attention to our own style in the decoration design and conform to the overall positioning of the appearance decoration of the toy store.

From the overall style, the exterior decoration design of toy stores mostly has modern style. Because the modern look gives a period feel, it has an incentive effect on consumers who feel stronger most of the time. If the toy store is a commercial area, the large nearby department store is also generally modern and can be in harmony with them. And the modern style of the shop let a person have a fresh feeling, and the social harmony of the modern high-speed, also reflects the trend of toys.

  • Brand sign

After finalize the name of the toy store, it is necessary to consider the design and installation of the logo made by the brand. It must be novel, eye-catching, simple, beautiful and generous, and can attract the attention of customers. Because the brand name itself has special advertising significance. Therefore, the logo needs to be set up so that customers or pedestrians can see the toy store sign clearly from a distance and other angles. And it should match the neon sign in the evening. Generally speaking, the design and decoration of brand sign should consider the following points: the form of brand sign, specifications and installation, should strive for diversification and differentiation. Not only to be bright and eye-catching, but also combined with the toy store store design, to give a perfect appearance.

Brand sign material:

There are a variety of signage materials: wood, stone, metal materials. Signage installation can be vertical, wall-mounted, or suspended, or directly mounted on exterior wall decoration.

Logo content:

For many small and medium-sized toy shops, the production and use of the logo should be based on the content that can directly reflect the operation of the toy shop. Make the content and image or graphics consistent, can directly enhance the brand appeal. As the scope of business of toy stores is different, different types of signs can be adopted. Children’s toy stores should choose brands with a strong sense of cuteness and eye-catching colors to attract children’s attention. Cartoon toy stores are more suitable to use cartoon images as the main content of the brand, which can better reflect the business type of cartoon toy stores.

  • Entrance and exit design

The design of the entrance and exit of toy stores should consider the characteristics of goods and safety management. If the design is not reasonable, it will cause crowded passenger flow, thus affecting sales. The entrance and exit of the store are usually on the same side, and the door should be open for guests to enter and exit.

  • Window design

Before entering the store, consumers want to casually view the window, so the design and publicity of the window have an important impact on consumers’ buying mood. Toy shop window design, first of all, to highlight the characteristics of goods, but also can make window decoration and toys, have introduced a kind of psychological behavior in line with consumers, that is, let consumers see the beautiful, comfortable, good feeling and look forward to the mood. A good window decoration can play a role in introducing goods, guiding consumption and promoting sales, and also become the art of attracting passers-by.

  • Signage lighting

Bright and eye-catching brand, generally do by neon lighting decoration do neon lighting signage, not only increase the visibility of the shop at night. At the same time, to produce a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Neon decoration must be novel and unique, can be designed in a variety of shapes, using a variety of colors. In order to make posters, generally with monochrome light color and strong visual impact such as red, green, white, concise, lively, bold. Sometimes, clever change and flashing lamplight or with dynamic structure complementary font, can produce dynamic feeling, this kind of lamplight can active atmosphere, more can attract a person, can receive good psychological effect.

Fashion toy store design – Creative style toy store design customize toy shop display furniture

People like new and attractive things, whether adults or children, if they see something nice, they will be attracted to it. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a toy store color scheme — kids, teens, and sometimes their parents also like something bright, attractive, and fun. Sparkling colors also apply to your store. However, don’t use too many bright colors.

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