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In the case of more and more hair salons, the competition of hair salons has a close relationship with all aspects. Among them, the decoration design of a hair salon is an important factor. We need to have a general layout of the hairdressing shop before the decoration design of the store, and we should have an overall plan and thought for the decoration design.

A theme should be determined before decoration design, and this kind of theme is about to depends on the positioning of the salon operator to his salon, and the positioning is to determine through the understanding of consumer groups. 

Of course, also with operator economic strength on any account. For example, if your hair salon is located near a school, it is targeted at students’ consumption. On the one hand, the decoration design of a hair salon is to cater to consumers, and on the other hand, it is necessary to consider the problem of cost. The decoration design of a hair salon is generally simple and applicable, so that consumers feel relaxed and happy. Choosing a good design is an essential part of starting a new salon business. So, how do you find the design style suitable for your own hair salon? More importantly, how do you keep costs within your budget?


  • Choose a layout

If you want to beautiful decoration of hair salon, decoration layout is very important, so in the decoration layout, we should pay attention to those problems? First of all, we must determine the overall idea of decoration, and then determine the theme style of the barber salon.  Having the right layout for your hair salon will help set the tone for your entire business. A good layout allows mobility for both staff and guests, while still providing a sense of privacy or comfort to the customer during service.

Reception area: 

The reception area should be flexibly arranged according to the size of the store, and the sofa with similar style should be placed according to the store. If the space is enough, the coffee table can be placed, the guests can wait here. The reception area had better be as close to the door as possible. If the space is not enough, a few practical and non-space stools can also form a mobile reception area.

Shampoo area: 

The shampoo area decoration design should be clean and bright as the theme to design, so that customers feel clean image of the shop. The drainage facilities of the shampoo area should be kept unobstructed to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by water blockage. The placement of shampoo facilities should consider whether it is convenient for shampoo personnel to move around, which directly affects the work efficiency.

Barber area: 

Barber area is the most important part of the decoration. The wall of hair salon area can be decorated with some light wallpaper, and also need to pay attention to add some lighting. Usually, more mirrors will be placed in the store, which can not only expand the space of the store visually, but also allow customers to enjoy themselves from multiple angles. On the basis of ensuring cleanliness and tidiness, we also need to add features to the hairdressing area that is composed of simple mirrors and chairs.

Product display area: 

The product display area of a hair salon shop is generally divided into washing and care products and hot dyeing products, and the display of products should be clear.

Sitting area: 

After washing or hot hair dyeing, customers can sit idle in the rest area to play with mobile phones, look at leisure magazines, here should be relaxed leisure, let customers feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Choose a style

Before designing a hair salon, we must determine the decoration style. Each style can intuitively represent the characteristics of the barber shop and give people different feelings. We should choose the appropriate design style according to the overall age of consumers, preferences, personality characteristics, etc. To learn about the latest style before designing, or mix and match a variety of styles.

Japanese minimalist European style

A simple, clean and professional hairdresser style that doesn’t require much decoration on the walls or a lot of furniture. You can choose white or light-colored walls to accentuate the style. This is one of the first choices to make a modern or smaller hair salon feel comfortable and spacious.

Industrial style hair salon decoration

Men do styling for the choice of hair salon or more important, the general industrial style barber shop is more popular with men. The design concept of the hair salon is based on British rock elements. The whole interior space should create the Bohemian spirit of rock and roll, avant-garde and popular barbershop design.

Retro style hair salon decoration

Fun and nostalgic hair salon style, this hair salon style creates a good old time atmosphere with design elements ranging from “funky” retro, including retro decorative items and bright colors on the walls, retro furniture and styling chairs, and vintage salon based hair salon design options. This kind of hair salon design might appeal to the elderly.

  • Choose a color theme

Barbershop is also service industry, in the process of customer consumption to give customers a good consumption experience to win more repeat customers, so the color collocation of barbershop is very important. Generally, come to the barber shop consumers in the barber shop less need to stay for half an hour, more than two or three hours, barber shop color collocation can also mediate people’s mood, will not let consumption produce an impatient mood.

  • Choose lighting

The difference between barber shop decoration and family decoration is that the selection of decoration lamps and lanterns in the barbershop has a great influence on the decoration effect in the later period. We should choose lighting according to the characteristics of our barber shop when decorating. The lamp that the hairdressing salon in acts the role of is to illume not just, the operator can act the role of on the lamp think, foil gives a sweet environment to come. The lamps and lanterns inside the salon all use the inverted wine bottle chandelier often used in the bar. The light is soft and elegant, and the lighting effect is just right to foil the beauty salon environment.

Above are some ideas for making hair salon design for your reference. As for how to control the budget of a hair salon, please contact our sales team. We will show you how to open a salon and make a complete budget for your opening.

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