Store Design and Exhibition Cabinet Design of Jewelry Store

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Jewelry store store design and display cabinet design

This kind of model shop is customer, clerk, product space is indoor all. Customer activity space is also very abundant. The rarest street facing shops are perfect for selling expensive gifts and primary products. The inside and outside of the store are cut very understandably, and customers who do not have purchase expectations rarely enter. The wide customer space allows people to enjoy and buy freely, and the overall layout of the store gives the impression that they are welcome to enjoy, even if they do not buy. This kind of shop makes the warm atmosphere of the shop happily, the condition advances the buying mood of the customer. As for the shops with no shop assistants’ space to touch, close and travel, the shop assistants should not be crowded at the entrance, giving people the feeling of guarding the door.

Store Design and Exhibition Cabinet Design of Jewelry Store

Whether it is jewelry display cabinets or other display cabinets are ultimately intended to make customers attack the purchase expectation, the jewelry store store organization of the primary intention of outstanding product characteristics. Can bento choice again, so the plan of gem exhibition ark is very fastidious, demand line is concise and lively, do not break an old pattern.

Want to consider a variety of relevant elements, when placing storefront. Such as the size of the space, a lot of varieties, the style and effect of the product, the display and brightness of lights, the width and narrowness of the channel, the orientation and design of the cash register, the installation of electric wires and the delimitation of the government related construction, etc. Other, of gem show ark find a place for had better stay to stay according to the level that season changes and undertakes mediating, make customer erupts fresh and novel feeling from time to time, arouse him to come from time to time the expectation that consumes. Generally speaking, the format of monopoly shops can only be followed by three months, the monthly change has become one of the promotional techniques of many store operators.

The spatial layout and shape of jewelry exhibition cabinets:

Each operator can choose and display cabinets according to their actual needs. It is to conclude the scheme of general strategy first commonly, the dimensional format of exclusive business shop is tremendous . For example, how much of the space of salesmen, customers and products should each account for? Distinguish the areas and then make changes to display the products in detail. Three Spaces of the shop. The variety that sells shop exclusively is , dimensional format is all sorts of, seem to find out disciplinary dimensional cut hard. In fact, it is the effect of change of combination of 3 Spaces only, resemble a kaleidoscope, although its change is boundless, but also be the effect that a few color paper moves azimuth only. Therefore, the three Spaces are closely related to the spatial format of the franchised shops.

There are box type, channel type, frame type and other choices. Product space: refers to the place where products are displayed.

One is to depart with client space photograph. Shop assistant space: refers to the place where shop assistants entertain customers and engage in relevant operations. There are two conditions: one is mixed with the customer space.

Customer space: refers to the place where customers visit, select and purchase products. It can be divided into three shapes: outside the shop, inside the shop and inside the table.

Three Spaces can be organically combined, four shapes of the space format of the store. According to the product quantity, the variety, sells the method and so on the condition. Then it forms four shapes of the space format of franchised shops.

A way to preserve the store premises, this kind of exemplary spatial format. There is no room for customers to move around. Customers touch, select and buy products beside the road with shop assistants. There are three characteristics: one is the shop assistants narrow space; Second, the customer activity area is outside the store; Third, the product space in the store.

And too active can make the customer attack the feeling that imposes sale again. Pretending you don’t know is the way to success. This format is suitable for the operation of cheap goods, bento goods and the same as usual supplies monopoly shops, this model requires staff to have a common way of doing things. Shop assistants alienate customers if they stand in front of the counter. Small operation design, with a variety of characteristics of pre-shop premises.

The clerk touches the customer through the counter. The difference between the narrow touch type and the shop assistant space lies in the large activity space of the shop assistant. Its characteristics are as follows: the activity space of shop assistants is broad, and this spatial format also places customers outside the store. Customer activities outside the store, products placed in the store. Because touch type shop is the display product on the passageway that pedestrian comes and goes, so touch type shop mostly shop assistant space is narrow model, but also have a few broader, the display ark of this kind of shop sells need not take time carefully to choose, facilitate the product that takes or small gift.

Customers are free and easy to choose products in such a way that the shop assistants can properly adhere to the spacing between the products (display cabinets, cosmetics display cabinets, jewelry display cabinets). There was no inhibition or wariness. Shop assistant avoid by all means whole line stands before goods desk, and should use broad space to do all sorts of homework, can bring prosperous angry expectation to the shop so, attract a customer to buy.

The customer enters the storefront talented to see the product, this kind of model shop. Shop assistants’ space is relatively narrow, most of which are set up in wealthy regions. There are more customers, and the place occupied by shop assistants is reduced to the minimum constraint. This format is generally appropriate for the operation of expensive items and gifts and other products, but some biscuits, candy bars, tea and other exclusive shops to adopt this format, with some touch type. In closed shops, the behavior of shop assistants plays an important role in whether customers buy or not. Exhibition ark space is narrow close model shop, every move of shop assistant is unusual bright course of study is like shop assistant stiff stand before goods desk, can make the customer loses buy interest certainly. If assistant puts a product, scrub window, statistic, can know well namely, can alleviate the curt atmosphere inside inn again.


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