The Change of Jewelry Store Design in 360 Degree Panoramic Time

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Design for audio, 360 ° panoramic s overthrow the traditional plane figure and hand-painted.

In an age of increasing emphasis on style and character, most designs start with a single drawing. Wtih The appearance of drawing software,  plane action diagram that computer has replaced hand drawing step by step, it appears to decorate a function more completely from the respect such as color, structure, raw material not only, and to stylist hand draw skill requirement is low, so manufacturing cost also became little. But as time goes on, the disadvantages is very clear.

The Change of Jewelry Store Design in 360 Degree Panoramic Age

The view that the person that decorates about action graph roughly in 3 kinds :

1. Exaggeration. Although a plane action diagram looks very comfortable, but the space installed after there are many gaps. Through the designer’s summary, most of the reasons are caused by raw materials and lights.

2. Planar action diagram takes a long time. In order to appear more abundant color, the computer makes the function diagram to need to spend a few days at least, compared with the hand-painted time, the designer also needs to spend more time and energy to revise a design plan, which is contrary to the current urban crowd’s fast-paced days and the vision of quick and saving heart to end decoration.

3, the emergence of a relatively single point of view. The house is always three-dimensional, and there is always a shortage of images of several planes and fixed points of view to restore the three-dimensional image well. On the above summary, Leon about design (in China) co., LTD. Introduction to 360 ° image display skills combined with the decoration profession beat technology. According to leak, this image shows a system to be able to appear from the picture not only actual sex, the accuracy of data accounting, the rapidity that makes realizes decorating a design to update completely, can bring unprecedented vision to decorate an experience more. Relying on strong technical support, shenzhen Unique design co., ltd. strongly involved in jewelry store design category.

Empathy 360 ° of the image display function

In the h, 360 ° all-round display design, three-dimensional decoration effect, thoroughly changed the plane figure s Angle of a single problem. The client still can pass enlarge narrow picture, wander freely in the room will check detail, investigate the corners that is lost in graph of a few plane action up close, the construction of later period and soft decorate so more simple accomplish know quite a few in the heart, let stylist and owner people experience the heartbeat that had never had before, let you feel omnipotence. Design and product synchronization, the role of more realistic

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