The Color Concept of Jewelry Shop Design

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The Color Concept of Jewelry Shop Design

In the jewelry display cabinet store, all colors and all harmonies affect the mood and purchase desire of consumers:

The Color Concept of Jewelry Shop Design


The warm color department in jewelry display cabinet stores is generally very simple and close to the color department, such as red, yellow and other colors, this is more suitable for young class stores, with the color department, pink, bright red, goose yellow and other women’s favorite color, for women’s supplies stores and baby fine children clothing shop and other products rich high-grade shops are more appropriate; Cold color fastens the feeling that appears to have very far very tall, have extend a feeling, the shop with very high ceiling of cruel and cold area is unfavorable apply, can feel very cold and cool inside otherwise the shop, intimacy drops, prevent to use as far as possible just had.

The summer of 2018 came, and this time, when display, use cold color department, can produce cool and refreshing feeling, use as seasonal so still is very appropriate. Come to a conclusion, still be the style of storefront, the modelling of market exhibit ark and colour style should arrive with the brand common effect, of course some bazaar can have his peculiar style, arrive even so certain consistent. In the brand promotion and product display maximization, we should comply with this design concept, from which to get a harmonious, perfect height, let our display cabinets shine!

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