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Do you know how to install a mall kiosk? Regarding installation, I believe this is a problem that every customer cares about.

In fact, most of the installation of the mall kiosk is done in the factory. Because we are selling a whole set of the mall kiosk. We will install the entire mall kiosk after production. Including all the accessories needed for the kiosk. Such as lightboxes, wires, glass, and water systems.

In the other case, it is installing it by the customer after receiving the mall kiosk. Usually, a mall kiosk is large. We can’t pack it as a whole. In order to facilitate transportation, we divide the kiosk into several parts. And then pack each part individually.

Below are some details of installing the mall kiosk in the factory and how customers install the kiosk.

Install the mall kiosk in the factory

1. Install light boxes and posters

Almost all mall kiosks have some light boxes and posters for displaying products. Such as menu light boxes, poster stickers. We will make the light box frame according to the confirmed construction drawing. And then put the light box picture provided by the customer directly into the light box. Of course, you can also add or change the internal pictures locally. This is very convenient and simple.

2. Install wires

Generally, the mall kiosk have some LED lights and wires for equipment. We will make a small round hole at the bottom of each part counter according to the circuit diagram. And then start to install the wiring and socket. In addition, for more convenient and flexible installation, we will use male and female connectors. In this way, it will be very easy for customers to connect the wires.

3. Install glass

If your mall kiosk needs glass display cabinets. Or put a layer of glass on the countertop to separate it from the outside. We will first measure the size of the glass according to these requirements. And then install the glass for the mall kiosk.

There are generally three ways to install glass. The first is to evenly spread the glass glue on the joint between the glass and the cabinet. After air drying, there will be a good decorative effect. The second is to fix the glass with glass clamps. The third is to embed the glass in the kiosk. It doesn’t need glue and glass clips. It looks very natural and beautiful.

4. Install the sink and water system

Most food mall kiosks require water. So many kiosks will install sinks. In addition, if your mall kiosk does not consume much water, we can install a water system according to your needs. Generally, the water system is equipped with clean buckets, sewage buckets and water pumps.

But if you need to use a lot of water, a water system is not enough. You need a water pipe connected to the local water source. At this time, we will confirm the local water source with you. Then set the sink not far from it, and punch a hole under the counter for a water pipe. So that you can connect to the water source easily.

Install the mall kiosk by customer

Generally, we will divide the kiosk into several parts for packaging. When you received the package, at first, you need to carefully open the wooden box ( prevent damage to the counter and glass inside the wooden box). And then put each part of the counter together according to the kiosk design and the marked number.

Secondly, you need to connect all the wires of the kiosk. You can connect the wires between each part of the counter according to the circuit diagram. After connecting all the wires, connect the main wire to the power supply in your local mall. Then the mall kiosk can work.

After reading some of the details above, I believe you have good learning about installing the mall kiosk. If you have any other questions about the mall kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with professional answers and guidance.

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