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Nowadays, more and more people like to import from China. Especially for customized mall kiosks. Because the required materials and labor costs for custom mall kiosks are very expensive in their local area. While customized mall kiosks in China are cheaper. There are many kinds of custom mall kiosks that people choose. Such as food kiosks, cell phone kiosks, hairdressing kiosks, nail kiosks, eyebrow kiosks, and so on.

Before customizing a mall kiosk, customers will ask some related questions. Such as how to pack the mall kiosk. The packaging is very important. Most customers will ask for good packaging. Today I want to introduce to you the details of how to pack an eyebrow kiosk.


In fact, after finishing the production, we will first install the entire eyebrow kiosk in the factory. Then ship it to you. We will install doors, locks, lights, logos, wires, etc. for the eyebrow kiosk. But generally speaking, the eyebrow kiosk is very large. We cannot transport it as a whole. Therefore, we divide the eyebrow kiosk into several parts. And each part is individually packaged.

This is a eyebrow kiosk packed in several parts


When packaging each part, we will wrap the surface with brushed film to avoid scratches and damage. And use pearl cotton to protect all corners. In order to avoid collision damage, we will cover the surface of each part with foam cotton. Finally, put them into wooden boxes and seal the boxes for protection.

Put every part in a wooden box


After packing every part, we will mark 1.2.3… on the wooden boxes. And attach detailed drawings and circuits. When you received the eyebrow kiosk, you just need to put them together according to these numbers. And connect the wires between each part. Finally, connect the main wire to your shopping mall power supply and you can use it directly. It is very simple.

This is the male and female plug connection between the cabinets

These are the details of packing an eyebrow kiosk. In general, its packaging is foam inside and wooden box outside. It protects the eyebrow kiosk from damage in all aspects. This packaging method is very stable and safe. So please don’t worry about the packaging of the eyebrow kiosk.

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