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Hey, my friend. Are you going to start a business with a cell phone kiosk in the mall? We all know that the mall kiosks need to meet the requirements of the mall. Do you want your mobile phone kiosk to meet the mall requirements, and be attractive and attractive? It is best to customize a mobile phone kiosk.

In fact, customizing a mobile phone kiosk has many advantages. It can set the size and shape of the mobile phone kiosk according to your mall location and requirements. In addition, you can choose your favorite styles, product display ways, and add your own logo. Also, the customized mobile phone kiosk is reasonable and special.

Below are the advantages of customized mobile phone kiosk. Let us see how these advantages reflect in the mobile phone kiosk.

The size and shape of the phone kiosk

You can find a reliable supplier. And let him customize a suitable mobile phone kiosk according to your shopping mall location and requirements. For example, if your mall location size is 12 square meters, you can customize a 2 x 6 m or 3 x 4 m mobile phone kiosk.

This is a 5 x 2 m cell phone kiosk

As for the shape of the mobile phone kiosk, you can freely choose a square, S-shaped, round, or other special shapes to customize. Of course, this is done under the premise of meeting the requirements of the mall. Just like one of our customers, he really likes a square cell phone kiosk with a roof. But his mall requires no roof. So we finally helped him remove the top frame of the cell phone kiosk.

This is a phone accessories display kiosk with S-shape

Color and material of mobile phone kiosk

We all know that different color combinations will have different styles. For example, the black and white mobile phone kiosk shows a stylish and simple style. And the blue and white mobile phone kiosk shows a sense of technology. If you like the bright and relaxed style of black, white and yellow, no problem. We can customize a phone kiosk style you want according to your favorite colors.

mobile phone booth
This is a mobile phone kiosk with lighting effects

Besides, you are free to choose suitable materials to customize your mobile phone kiosk. Just like we see the baking paint mobile phone kiosks and wooden mobile phone kiosks in the mall. Even mobile phone kiosks with a stone surface. Mobile phone kiosks made of different materials have different effects.

The surface of the painted mobile phone kiosk is smooth and flat, with a very good color. And the style is fashionable. It can also make into a shape you like. The wooden mobile phone kiosk has a natural appearance and beautiful texture. This makes people feel very natural and comfortable. The mobile phone kiosk with stone surface is very durable and easy to clean.

phone kiosk
This is a wooden mobile phone kiosk

Display way and logo of mobile phone kiosk

Usually, the cell phone kiosk has four display ways. They are wooden display shelves, glass display showcases, aluminum groove plate display stands, and wooden display counters. Different display ways have different characteristics. You can combine your preferences and product features to choose a suitable display way.

  • Wooden display shelves have two types. One is wooden shelves inside. And each layer will install a led light strip. The other one is a ladder display, and it just installs led light at the top side.
  • Glass display showcases, just the backside is wooden, each layer shelves are tempered glasses. And the top part is hidden led light strips. Also, it has glass doors. Customers can clearly see products from outside.
  • If you plan to sell some cell phone accessories( like phone cases and earphones), choosing the aluminum groove plate display stand is a good way. And it usually matches hooks to display phone accessories.
  • The wooden display counters generally use to display cell phone models. And below is some cabinets for storage. It is very useful.
phone case kiosk
The display way of this mobile phone kiosk is the wooden display shelves and the aluminum groove plate with hooks
This is a glass display phone kiosk

We can customize the mobile phone kiosk for you according to your favorite display way. And we can help you add your own logo on the kiosk. To make your mobile phone kiosk more distinctive.

These are the advantages of the customized mobile phone kiosk. Do you want to customize a mobile phone kiosk? If you have this intention, please feel free to tell us your ideas. We will customize a unique and beautiful mobile phone kiosk for you according to your needs.

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