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Whether it is a shopping mall or a jewelry store, the choice of jewelry display cabinets is very important. The jewelry showcases in the mall need to meet the mall requirements. And the jewelry showcases in the jewelry store should not only be consistent with the overall style of the store, but also make the layout of the store more reasonable. Do you know the regular size of the jewelry showcase?

Actually, the regular size of the jewelry showcase is based on the counters’ location, functional requirements, and actual customer requirements. But the size of the jewelry showcase has a certain standard range. And different types of jewelry showcases have different standard sizes. Today I would like to introduce to you the standard range of the three regular sizes of jewelry showcases.

Jewelry low showcase

The jewelry low showcase also calls the section showcase. Its normal size is 1200*600*950 mm. This size is also the standard showcase we often say.

However, the jewelry low showcase’s length generally depends on the site size. So there is no fixed range. The width is generally 550 mm or 600 mm. The height is 900 mm, 950 mm, 1000 mm. And 950 mm is the most common. In addition, the glass height of the jewelry display cabinet is 230 mm-250 mm, and the skirting is 80-100 mm.

Jewelry boutique counter

The regular size of the jewelry boutique counter is 500*500*1350 mm. And the glass height is 400 mm. In the case of a fixed height, the length and width of the counter have four common specifications. They are 450*450 mm, 500*500mm, 550*550 mm, 600*600mm.

Jewelry back cabinet

The jewelry back cabinet is a counter placed against the wall. Its length depends on the wall. And there are three common sizes for width. They are 250 mm, 300 mm, and 350 mm.

The common height of jewelry back cabinets in shopping malls is 2400 mm. The jewelry back cabinet’s height in the jewelry store depends on the height of the wall. It can directly connect to the ceiling. Or less than 300 mm-400 mm of the ceiling. The height of the window position from the ground is generally about 1000 mm.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have an understanding of the jewelry showcases’ regular size. Of course, these size data are just for your reference. The specific size of the jewelry showcase is designed according to your actual needs.

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