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Are you looking for a candy kiosk? Candy is a snack that both adults and children like. If you are going to start a business with a candy kiosk, it will be very popular. Do you know how to order a candy kiosk?

In order to make the candy kiosk more unique and attractive, most merchants choose to customize a candy kiosk. Because customization can meet both personal preferences and the requirements of the rental land. And the customized candy kiosk is very reasonable. Today I want to share with you the detailed steps of ordering a candy kiosk.

First step: make a design

Before ordering, I believe you have many ideas about candy kiosk. For example, how big the candy kiosk is, what is the style, what color to choose, and what effect do you want to achieve. No problem, the design of the candy kiosk can realize your ideas. And let you see its actual effect.

candy kiosk
This is a candy kiosk design we made for our American customer

Usually, designs develop around size and style. So, first you need to tell us the size of the candy kiosk and the style you like. Then we discuss the details of the candy kiosk together. Such as changing the color and adding your own logo. After confirming these design requirements, we are preparing for the design.

Generally, making a candy kiosk design needs 300 dollars design fee. After we received the design fee, we will immediately arrange the design for you according to your needs. And it will take 3-5 working days to complete. In addition, if you have some changes to the candy kiosk design, we will also change it for you within a reasonable range. After confirming the final design, our designers will make a construction drawing with detailed dimensions and materials for you.

Second step: make an order

After you confirmed the construction drawings, it is ready for production. At this time, you need to prepare a 50% production deposit. After we received the production deposit, we will start manufacturing the candy kiosk according to the construction drawings. And it usually takes 25-28 working days to finish. During the production, we will send you some production pictures. To let you know the production process of the candy kiosk.

After the production is completed, we will assemble the candy kiosk as a whole. Including all accessories. Then pack the candy kiosk. Our packaging is foam inside and wooden box outside. Finally, we will charge 50% of the production balance to arrange transportation for you. As for the shipping time and freight, it depends on your destination and shipping method.

When you received the candy kiosk, only need to put each part of the counter together, connect the wires between the counters. And connect the main wire to your local power supply to use it directly. This is the step of a complete order of the candy kiosk. When you plan to order a candy kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with high-quality products and services.

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