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Recently years, more and more outdoor food kiosks are opening. Last weekend, I went to a shopping mall near me, I found outside of shopping mall on the playground, opened two outdoor food kiosks. One is for bubble tea&juice, another is for street food.

Why outdoor food kiosk grows so fast? On one hand, compared to a kiosk used in the mall, an outdoor location is much cheaper, and the available location is very flexible and diverse. On the other hand, build a kiosk at outdoor don’t like a mall kiosk, have mall rules and requirements need follow, for people who want to start a small business is a very happy thing.

well, then an outdoor kiosk as usually need meet what conditions?
1. firstly and the most important is material.
Because the kiosk will be used in outdoor, so the materials used for this kiosk have to be weather-proof, water-proof, corrosion-resistant and very strong and durable materials. So stainless steel, metal, stone and some waterproof material are widely used in an outdoor kiosk, like PVC, aluminum composite panel, acrylic and so on.
Mental and stainless steel usually used for structure, ceiling and frames, because like build a house, the structure need very strong.
For surface can use mental or aluminum composite panel also ok.
for inside furniture, because indoor, so can use laminate is ok.
For countertop as usually we will use corian, it is easy clearn and water-proof, very suitable for countertop use.

2. second is the for window and door design
because the kiosk used in outdoor, so it need be very safe, all windows and doors need can be closed at night, at same time need very easy to open.
Here see some windows used to close at night:
1)the Shutter door
Shutter door is widely used in shops, same as shop, outdoor kiosks also always use shutter door to close kiosk at night

2)Folding window
Folding window with Folded structure is very conenient, just use a button to control is ok.

3) normal glass sliding glass doors

3. take electricity and water supply into consideration
To open an outdoor kiosk, first thing you need think is about power and water supply. If your location have no water pipe went to supply water, you have to think about add water system or a big tank to storage water.For electricity, may be you can think add Solar panels and generator.

The Outdoor kiosk will become more and more popular because it features and convenience. So if you also want to open an outdoor kiosk, don’t hesitate any more! We can help design and customize your outdoor kiosk. For more models you can check: https://uniquekiosk.com/food-booth/

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