What do I need to start a juice bar kiosk in the mall?

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As we know, to be healthy is on-pattern lasting throughout the year. What could be more advantageous than a glass of fresh juice? During a sweltering summer, A cool glass of juice can refresh you. while in the winter it’s increasingly similar to a nutrient revive point.

1.Advantage of juice service

  • Easy to operation.
  • Huge consumer groups.
  • fresh and healthy.
  • Low cost high profit.

2.Equipment list

  • Multifunctional juicer.
  • Citrus Juicer.
  • Automatic fruit and vegetable peeler.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Cash register/point of sale.
  • Showcase.
  • Blender.
  • Shaker.
  • Ice machine.
  • Closet to store inventory.

3. Customize a juice kiosk

Step 1. Before you start this juice store business, you need make a plan, Identify major genre and service styles.

Step2. Find a location in shopping mall.usually is about 3m by 3m. if you also want provide some seating area, it’s better rent a store.

Step3. After confirmed the location, you need find a direct manufacturer help you make a 3d design. usually the mall manager need professional design and drawings to approve.

Step4. Confirmed drawings start to production the whole counter.

4. Assemble

  • Open the wooden Package, According to the division of labor on the construction drawings to find the corresponding number of the counter, splicing together.
  • Connect each cabinet wire . find the kiosk mainly wire connect to the local power supply. the whole kiosk can work.

Thanks for your time and reading, if you interested to build a food kiosk like this, or need more relared info, contact us here!

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