What is the different with the veneer wood and solid wood?

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Solid wood is one of the most commonly used terms to distinguish between ordinary wood and engineered wood, but it also refers to structures without hollow spaces. Engineered wood products are made by bonding wood, fibers or veneers together to form a composite with an adhesive. Solid wood includes plywood, oriented strand board and fiberboard. The fact that the product is made of solid wood is often touted in advertising. However, the use of solid wood has advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood is classic, beautiful and durable. Often used and loved for these reasons. However, some of these more inconvenient attributes come into play when making large tables. Wet weather expands wood, while dry weather shrinks it. This causes warping and cracking, limiting the size of panels that can be made entirely of solid wood.

Solid wood also varies in appearance and structure because the particles in each tree respond to the local environment, which can interfere with uniformity.

The most spectacular trees are cut into veneer, so if we want the coolest wood, we have to use them. Also, because you can get a lot of veneer from a tree, we can cover a large area in a consistent way – solid wood is not possible.

Like many materials, unreasonable bad claims, the way plywood is made and used can make a big difference. We are not interested in making cheap furniture, so our veneer work is done with time-tested techniques. No need to worry about peeling or foaming finish in our work. We edged all the tabletops with solid wood to prevent damage. Same as plywood. Correctly constructed, veneered furniture with rugged durability.

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