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All the time, it is especially important to set up a convenient, flexible and powerful bar for those who open a restaurant or bar. But many people do not understand the importance of a professional bar, also do not understand how to set up the layout of the bar interior. Today, I will share with you some questions about coffee and bar. The bar counter is very important for a bar and cafe and must be set up properly and look classy. Generally speaking, the bar must be in a prominent position, can be seen at a glance. The size is appropriate for the actual storefront size of bars and cafes. 

The style of the bar in a variety of common for the linear bar, U-shaped bar, circular bar, but also more operators own preferences, the establishment of other shapes of the bar. The design of each type of bar should be located in an area where the guest space is found and easily accessible. As long as the guests enter the bar, they can feel the presence of the bar, because the bar is the core of the bar, so it can be set at the entrance, or directly opposite the door direction. 

Also you can according to the actual site to decide the shape of the bar. The bar can be set into a straight shape bar, arc shape bar, square shape bar, round shape bar. At the same time, the choice of location should also take into account the problem of water in and out. Because this is the most important point of a bar. Inlet and outlet should be convenient to the best. The bar is the soul of a bar and cafe, so the lighting atmosphere is particularly important, highlight the bar. The lighting should also make people soft and comfortable not dazzling, can let people calm and relax down. 

Although the bar setting should be decided according to the different locations, but in the layout of the bar, the general situation should pay attention to the following points.  

  • Convenient service  

That is, the bar set for any Angle of the bar sitting guests can get fast service, but also facilitate the service activities of service personnel. 

  • Reasonable decorate  

Try to make a certain space not only to accommodate guests but also to make guests do not feel crowded and disorderly, at the same time meet the special requirements of the target guests for the environment. On the right side of the entrance, the more attractive setting is to put the bar a few steps away from the door. At the same time, it should be noted that the bar set should leave an irregular space to facilitate the service, which is often ignored by some bars. So that the service personnel and guests to occupy the space, and there is a danger of the service due to the crowded spilled drinks. 

  • Main configuration  

The bar is divided into the front bar and the back bar. The front bar is mostly a high-low counter, which is composed of the catering table for customers and the operating table for wine matching. After bar by wine ark, adornment ark, freezer ark and so on composition.  

As a complete set of bar equipment, the front bar should include the following equipment: wine bottle holder, three-compartment sink or automatic cup washing machine, sink, accessories ingredients plate, ice storage tank, beer dispenser, beverage dispenser, empty bottle holder and garbage cans, etc. After bar should include the following equipment: cash register, bottle wine storage cabinet, bottle wine, beverage display cabinet, wine, beer freezer, beverage, ingredients, fruit decorations freezer and ice maker, wine glass storage cabinet, etc. 

The service distance between the front bar and the rear bar should not be less than 950MM, but not too large, with two people through the distance is appropriate, refrigerating cabinets should be properly backward when installing so that the door of this equipment after opening does not affect the walk of the waiter. The ground of the corridor should be laid plastic lie between delete or piece model board is worn, local laid rubber mat. So that waterproof prevents slip, also can reduce the fatigue that attendant stands for long time to produce so.  

Design points of the rear bar: in addition to the front bar, the design of the rear bar is also very important. Because the bar makes customers focus on the place, is also the essence of the store decoration, which needs to be carefully handled. First of all, the bar should be divided into two parts to consider. The upper part is not a practical arrangement, but a place for decoration and free design. The lower part of the general cabinet, in the customer’s line of sight, can not placed such as cups and bottles. The bottom ark had better be wide 400-600mm, can store more goods so, satisfy the practical requirement. 

The decoration of the bar should be beautiful and generous, the design should be elegant and comfortable, and the atmosphere should be kind and soft. After all, it is the total service desk and the center of the bar. The bar is best decorated with high-grade marble, giving a calm and elegant feeling. Wood or metal frames are also available, with dark hardwood cladding. The design and decoration of the bar should be carried out from the aspects of equipment, walls, floor, ceiling, lighting and Windows and some decorations. 

The bar is the most important part of the bar decoration, the quality of the decoration can directly affect the overall image of the bar, a good bar can not only facilitate staff work but also greatly increase the space aesthetic effect. Bar design can not be careless, bar design is not difficult, as long as the reasonable and correct method is mastered, the decoration of the bar will become easy.

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