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Retail chains and shopping centers have fallen on hard times in recent years because of COVID, resulting in large numbers of empty spaces and store closures. But amid all these difficulties, there are still customers who prefer to shop in physical stores rather than online. All that empty mall space could provide opportunities for small businesses to go beyond prime locations. 

Starting a kiosk business is not as difficult as we thought. Many of these businesses will fail because of their size in the initial start-up phase, compared with large retailers. In fact, many large companies are selling franchises through kiosks, with the result that their services can cover many different areas. Before you start a small retail business, you may need to figure out how the business works. 

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A kiosk is a retail kiosk usually placed in the central aisle of an indoor shopping center. Of course, there are also small shops like this that sell all kinds of goods outdoors. Kiosks in malls can fit many types of goods, such as novelty items, jewelry and accessories. You can also do some food business or provide some beauty, hairdressing and manicure services. 

Kiosk businesses can provide excellent business opportunities and give everyone a chance to start their own business. Whether you rent or buy, when funds are low, you can start with a small cart and work your way up to a larger, more permanent kiosk. But remember, whether you choose a cart or a kiosk, make sure you’re in a high-traffic area with plenty of foot traffic. Look for multiple locations at the same time, and then decide where to locate your kiosk. Apply for a business loan from your bank or credit union if necessary. 

The best way to start a business is to start with a cart.  

  • Get a cart  

For starters, the safest way to start is to start with a cart when money is scarce. When designing a cart, do it according to your actual requirements. Don’t buy or rent a cart just because it’s novel or has an innovative design. Try buying or renting a flexible shopping cart. If the hot dog business doesn’t work out, then you can try another business without making too many changes to the cart. 

Once you run the small cart and get funding, you can grow a kiosk business. Kiosks are a successful retail business model. Kiosks are becoming more and more popular around the world. Because it allows you to open a retail store with a small capital investment. We’ll explain in detail how to start a kiosk business. 

How to start a kiosk business?

  • Decide what you want to sell. 

In malls, kiosks attract people who hang out and shop. No matter what business you choose, diversify your business to attract more clients and make more money. For example, if you’re a food kiosk, don’t just serve milk tea. Hot dogs, French fries, drinks, hamburgers, etc. All kinds of goods. If your kiosk displays interesting and attractive items, people will want to stop and look at it. Items should include impulse buys that meet seasonal needs, such as small gifts for Christmas or chocolate candy for Valentine’s Day. 

If the kiosk is small in size, the items for sale should be relatively small. Moreover, goods should be relatively cheap, as people do not buy bulk goods from kiosks. Buyers’ perception is that kiosk operators may not be there for long, so they are more cautious about buying items that may need to be repaired or returned. Kiosks can fit almost any type of business. Items you might consider selling could include: 

Jewelry – Jewelry kiosks are good for displaying all kinds of jewelry, such as silver, gold and diamonds. The kiosks are open and may be subject to shoplifting, so expensive jewelry needs to be locked in a safe when closing for the night.  

Accessories for women – purses, belts and scarves.  

Toys – Fun toys that appeal to children.  

Food – Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other foods with a relatively long shelf life are good choices for kiosks.  

Holiday decorations  seasonal candles, door frames, decorations and centerpieces are often bought on impulse.  

Special items – Custom crystals, custom phone cases, custom gifts, etc., something that can’t be bought easily.  

Cosmetics – A moderately priced cosmetic. Make-up is particularly attractive to women. 

Electronics – Especially cell phones and cell phone accessories — are the most common kiosk businesses. Phone booths may offer phone cases, chargers and other equipment in addition to selling phones. Start a business like this alone or as a partner with a friend, looking for opportunities together to reduce the risk of failure.

  • Kiosk service type  

There are two types of kiosk services. The first type is whether you do your own brand or do franchise. One is that entrepreneurs have their own exclusive brand and logo. They only need to submit kiosk designs to the mall for review and negotiate rent and other matters before opening. The other is to buy someone else franchise and build your business with a well-known brand. Both of these are good options and you can choose according to your needs. 

The second type of kiosk business varies depending on whether they are mobile or fixed. People operate mobile kiosks through carts, trailers or outdoor kiosks and containers that can be moved. These are mobile kiosks. Fixed kiosk businesses are stalls located on the same premises on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. 

  • Find out a location

You need to find a location and determine how much space you need to start your business. The product you sell not only determines whether you want a cart or kiosk, but also the size of the cart or kiosk you need. Go to shopping malls and talk to their managers to find the right location and size for your business. Think about what style works best for your business. If you plan to sell food, decide what equipment you’ll need, whether you’ll need a refrigerator, grill, oven or some other feature to make your food. When choosing a cart or kiosk, you should also consider whether you need storage space. 

  • Your client is the most important.  

Now that you’ve completed your pre-opening preparations and you’re ready to open for business, it’s time to decide what kind of experience your customers will have in your business. You (or your staff) can provide the best and best service for each customer. Think about your key customers and what kind of service they would best respond to. For example, if your target customer has an urge to shop, try reaching out to potential customers who pass by and invite them to try something new. If your audience is more calculating, make sure they can digest clear visuals at their own pace as they go by. If you sell food, try letting customers taste your food and invite them to your kiosk. Most importantly, when someone comes to your kiosk, make sure they have an unforgettable experience. 

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