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With the popularity of nail salon services, more and more people are looking to open their own nail salon. For many investors, opening nail salons is one of the most valuable investment projects of the moment, with a huge market space and high profits. But people who have never been exposed to the nail industry, how to open a nail salon, what do you need to prepare before opening a nail salon? Opening a nail salon involves many considerations, including location, location and recruitment of manicurists. This article will teach you how to successfully open a nail salon, just for your reference.  

The market localization  

If you want to open a nail salon, before opening a shop, you should first do market research to understand the consumption characteristics of potential nail consumers in the city and region. And make an accurate positioning for the nail salon. We should clearly know the consumption ability, consumption psychology and consumption habits of these potential consumer groups, and then make targeted preparations.  

Reasonable positioning is the premise of opening a shop, the first thing to consider is the positioning of the store. The level of positioning directly affects the location of the store, decoration, purchase channels, talent management, business mode and other issues. Different types of nail salons choose different locations, as well as different investment costs and return cycles. 

Store location  

The location of nail salon is very important, which is also the key to the success or failure of nail salon. Location is the primary factor in the success of a nail salon. The location of nail salon to a large extent determines the customer source and positioning of nail salon. If the address is too remote will affect your passenger flow, naturally will greatly affect your business conditions. Therefore, before choosing a location, first determine the location of your nail salon. 

If you choose to do high-end, you can choose in the shopping mall close to the office building, where gathered more beautiful fashion women and white-collar women with certain spending power, to a certain extent, to ensure part of the customer source. If the capital is not enough, you can first consider opening smaller stores in supermarkets or ordinary residential areas, or in university towns, to attract some customers with preferential prices. According to the current consumption habits of the nail salon market, it is best to choose high-end department stores, commercial pedestrian streets or high-end office buildings (high-end communities). 

Store decoration

The appearance and style of a nail salon directly affect the first impression of many customers. Nail salon must maintain a clean and tidy image, if the budget is enough, you can also highlight the style of the store according to the location of the store. You know, a unified and outstanding store style can quickly make your store stand out from many stores. As for the decoration of nail salon, personal aesthetic and store level are different, but advertising and window display are required by every store. The rest of the decorative decoration, wall paintings, etc., must be coordinated with the overall style of nail salon. We can’t let these accessories ruin the integrity of the salon.

What Settings are needed for nail salon interior decoration?

As a nail salon design, the decoration style will try to achieve high-end, to provide customers with the perfect experience they want. Due to the large area of nail salon, the service crowd belongs to the people with high consumption level, high economic capacity, and relatively high requirements for the store. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of this kind of customers, not only need to provide efficient products, quality service and noble decoration style, in customers everywhere can be seen elegant, dignified, professional, satisfactory visual enjoyment and energy level of satisfaction. The interior plan of nail salon design depends on the upcoming nail salon project. Generally speaking, the internal planning of nail salon design includes the following aspects: 

  • Reception desk  

The design of nail salon should first consider the reception area, which is the place where nail salon and customers often contact. It should be placed in a prominent place, usually on the left or center of the door. In the daily operation of a nail salon, it should take up as much space as possible. Reception facilities include chairs and tables for staff and comfortable chairs for guests. Reception desks should be equipped with telephone registration forms, computers and cash registers. Hangers and umbrellas should be placed near the door. There are also facilities to serve drinks in the reception area so that customers can take a break while they wait. Product display and posters can also be displayed in the reception area to increase the exposure of products. 

  • Nail Salon

If you’re designing a nail salon, the nail salon is the primary area for employees to work. You can set the number of nail tables based on the size of the store and the number of employees. If your store is small and lacks personality, you can enhance your nail table design with clever lighting, color and patterns. 

  • Pedicures

If you also offer pedicures, you can set up some pedicures. Pedicures can be accompanied by foot washing and massages. Choose the color and style of your pedicure chair (or chairs) based on the design style of the entire store. 

  • Nail polish displays

Where you can set up shelves, wall-mounted organizers, stands, cabinets, cupboards, or other unique custom items — are limited only by your creativity.  Such displays, if handled properly, can be an important part of your salon decor.  When you’re looking for nail salon design ideas, you’re likely to come across tips for making art out of your nail polish. 

  • Seating area ( Chairs or sofas ) 

If your nail salon has extra space to allow for some chairs or sofas, that would be great. Especially when customers are waiting, you can set up such a waiting area for customers to rest, you can also add some coffee bars, and provide newspapers or magazines are very good services. 

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